Dirk distributes apples to elementary schools to fill lunch boxes

Dirk Fresh specialist with the Elstar apples from Dutch growers, which are distributed to primary schools

Action – To give children in the Netherlands a healthy start to school after the autumn holidays, Dirk van den Broek is distributing apples this Monday and Tuesday at primary schools near all Dirk’s departments. The national apple campaign is a response to the recent news that more and more children in the Netherlands are going to school with an empty lunch box.

Dirk director Marcel Huizing about the apple campaign: “Children are also victims of increasing poverty and high food prices in our country. This group needs healthy food to grow and bad food has big consequences for them. Handing out apples is not a solution to this problem, but with this action we are doing our part. At the same time, it is a signal to the government; we again encourage them to keep the price of healthy food, such as fruit and vegetables, as low as possible.”

The time is now

In recent years, healthy products have risen even faster in price than unhealthy products, according to Huizing. As a result, choosing healthy food is often not an option for many people. Dirk has been committed to keeping fruit and vegetables at affordable prices for some time. Under the motto ‘The time is ripe’, Marcel Huizing, general manager Dirk van den Broek, started a petition last year to lower the VAT on fruit and vegetables. The more than 52,000 signatures were then handed over to the House of Representatives and the intervention is now included in the coalition agreement.


Dirk also wants to keep everyday groceries available and affordable for everyone in this purchasing power crisis. This summer, Dirk announced that he would freeze the prices of part of the range at least until the end of the year. Regardless of the inflation that is still heading for the Netherlands. In addition, the supermarket has lowered the prices of more than 200 daily groceries. These are private label products and A brands for e.g. baby food, desserts, spreads, coffee, tea, snacks and pet food. Price comparisons from the consumer program Kassa and the Consumers Association also confirm that Dirk is the cheapest when it comes to basic goods.

Source: Dirk/@FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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