Excursions in Friesland: stories from world travelers, culinary delights in the Wadden region and cultural tips.

Visit Emmakade Antiek’s open house, listen to stories from world travelers, go to the performance of Nastaran Razawi Khorasani, listen to the U2 tribute LA Vation or enjoy the culinary delights of the Wadden Sea region.

Listen to world stories

Cris Toala Olivares and Alice Wielinga are an artist couple from Koudum. They visit the most remote corners of the world and come home with unique stories. In Koudum’s library they share their experiences on Thursday and provide a behind-the-scenes look at their special work.

Alice Wielinga has done work about and in North Korea for 10 years. There she works with North Korean artists on an art project where she offers a human perspective on this very unknown country. Cris Toala Olivares is fascinated by volcanoes. His book Living with volcanoes released recently. From villages in craters to Mayan rituals at the foot of an erupting volcano. Cris traveled there and documented it. But you don’t have to look for all volcanoes far from home. Did you know that we also have a volcano in Friesland?

At the library, Alice and Cris talk about their inspiring projects and travels and give a behind-the-scenes look at their work. What’s it like when your partner goes to a war zone? What is it like to camp on the side of an erupting volcano? And if you take your daughter on a trip? How does it work? Learn about Cris and Alice’s experiences, how they travel the world individually, as partners, but also as a family in search of their stories.

Koudum – Library, Thursday at 20.00, 12.50 euros, library members 10 euros

Portrait of a hidden society

Theater maker Nastaran Razawi Khorasani takes you inside Songs for no one into the invisible life of a boy and a girl in the Islamic dictatorship of Iran.

Based on telephone conversations, Nastaran creates a visual solo performance full of duets, dialogues, poems and songs. With the voices of the two children in the old Persian language is Songs for no one a portrait of a hidden society and shows what normally remains invisible.

Leeuwarden – De Harmonie, Wed at 20.30, 10 euros

Culinary pleasure in the wading area

For the first time this year Culinary Vade Weeks held. In these weeks, the project W adding gastronomy enhances the World Heritage experience together with local producers and chefs from the Wadden area put the taste of the Wadden on the map.

During the Wadden Culinary Weeks, there is something special to make and especially to taste everywhere in the Wadden Sea region. On the islands, on and around the Wadden Sea on the North Dutch, Frisian and Groningen Wadden Sea coast, entrepreneurs welcome everyone who wants to taste the well-known, but also unknown, Wadden gastronomy. Visit the finest restaurants, come to a mussel evening in Lauwersoog, cycle along the Bildtse tasting route or join us for a test ride on Ameland.

on culinairewaddenweeks.nl you can find what and where there is much to do and especially to taste. The Vade Culinary Weeks last until 27 November.

Wadden area – Various locations, until November 27

American U2 Tribute to Broeksterwâld | advertising

The American U2 Tribute Band LAVation is coming Friday to Pipegael in Broeksterwâld. in their show Stories for boys Led by the incomparable Jason Thiesen as Bono, the band pays homage to the greatest band of their generation.

Along with Bart Davis, who has mastered the guitar wizardry of The Edge, bassist Mikey Hachey, who provides Adam Clayton’s bass, and the faithfulness of his true counterpart Larry Mullen, drummer/musical director Jorgen Ingmar Allofs is the heart and soul of this group. In addition to LA Vation, Pipegael’s

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