Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: five cultural tips

Come and listen to Girls with the Wijsjes, laugh with Fabian Franciscus, dream away with Shakespeare Theater Diever, see Giclée in Kunstwinkel Roesd or experience a baroque concert with PRJCT Amsterdam and Maarten Engeltjes.

Girls with the smart ones

Throw strong four-part vocals, funny scenes and a virtuoso musician into one soup, and you have the refreshing situation of the only real Dutch vocal pop group Girls with the Wijsjes. Their new theater performance nut steel is a bit harder and more daring than their first show tile wisdom . For example, they shake off the good image with their second show, with a program about communication in our mother tongue, primal language, sign language, body language, musical language or lack of language…

The girls are accompanied by their multi-instrumentalist as they perform a wide repertoire. Think of well-known and lesser-known Dutch songs by artists such as Marco Borsato, Boudewijn de Groot, Alain Clark, the 3JS and Anouk. All this is supplemented by the girls’ own work. In this way, everything is pulled out to blow the public’s socks off, to move and surprise.

Roden – Theater de Winsinghhof, Thu 20.15, 22 euros

Sympathetic, disarming and yet a little scared

After two well received shows it’s time for Fabian Franciscus’s third performance, this time with the title Nice and cozy . With his characteristically sympathetic, disarming and above all fearful attitude, Fabian defies life. However, he does not do so with great success. But that’s what makes life so wonderfully unpredictable and fun. However?

Well, afterwards you better laugh at everything, it’s so nice. Or as Fabian would say: ‘Life is hard and before you know it, a piano falls from the sky and you die. It would almost make you depressed. And I did that as the only one with great success.’

Delfzijl – De Molenberg, Thu 20.15, 20 euros

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

ONE Midsummer Night’s Dream tells the story of a group of craftsmen who plan to perform a play at the wedding feast of the Duke of Athens. The inexperienced actors do not want prying eyes at the rehearsal and practice in secret in a clearing in the forest. And it just so happens that the same place where the elf king Oberon and his consort Titania struggle with their marital problems.

Oberon enlists the help of the forest spirit Puck to help him with magic. When four more young people in love arrive at the same place in the forest, the turnips are fully cooked. Shakespeare’s classic is performed by Shakespeare Theater Diever.

Diever – Globetheater, Thu to Sat at 20.00, 19 euros

Kunstbutik Roesd opens its doors | Advertising

Art shop Roesd in Tolbert is open on Saturday where you can see the reproduction process of a Giclée. The giclée production process is demonstrated on the basis of all possible examples. How advanced photography and printing techniques are used to create a Giclée that is no less experiential than the original painting and at the same time much more affordable.

Visual artist Ton Dubbeldam, one of the most successful painters in North Holland, is a guest from He likes to talk about his work and his unique technique. Kunstwinkel Roesd shows all its Giclees.

Tolbert – Roesd, Sat 10.00-17.00, demonstrations at 13.30 and 15.00

Through a century of baroque music | Advertising

PRJCT Amsterdam and countertenor Maarten Engeltjes join forces for a musical program filled with cantatas and songs by Vivaldi, Monteverdi and Cavalli. The enthusiastic continuo group and countertenor’s voice guide the musical program along the winding paths of love through almost a century of baroque music.

Vivaldi mainly captures the attention, showing his darkest side in arias of betrayal and resentment. The performers are Asako Ueda on theorbo, Petr Hamouz on viola da gamba and cello and Edoardo Valorz on harpsichord. In addition to the vocals, Engeltjes also takes on the musical direction. More information can be found at musicaantiquanova.nl.

Groningen – Lutheran Church, Sat at 20.00, 26 euros, children up to 17 years and city card 13 euros

You can find more excursions at dvhn.nl/uitagenda.

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl.

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