Cultural tips for Groningen and Drenthe: dream with Xavier Rudd, imagine yourself in Cuban atmospheres or go exploring with Stine Jensen

This week there is again plenty to do in the north. Shake your hips during Eliades Ochoa’s performance. Discover whether it pays to make mistakes during Stine Jensen’s lecture, or explore your most beautiful dreams during singer-songwriter Xavier Rudd’s concert. And this is not all. Read more soon!

Last living Buena Vista Social visits City

Eliades Ochoa is the last living singer of the Buena Vista Social Club. This company of aging Cuban musicians conquered the world in the late 1990s with their traditional Cuban music.

Ochoa’s guitar playing is considered one of the best in the world . His distinctive black cowboy hat and black clothes made him a Cuban Johnny Cash. He traveled the world with his fellow musicians. From Carnegie Hall in New York to Carré in Amsterdam. Their most famous song is chanchan but you may also know the musician from his collaboration with BLØF.

Groningen – SPOT/De Oosterpoort, Wed 20.30, 38.60 euros

Paulien Cornelisse examines ambiguities

“Shall we get ready?” is a question that everyone understands, but where ‘getting ready’ begins and ends is unclear. Paulien Cornelisse investigates ambiguities and uncertainties on stage .

We live in uncertain times, but exactly when did those ‘times’ start? The author supposes 50,000 years ago, at three o’clock in the afternoon, because it is the most uncertain time of day. The best thing you can do, Cornelisse believes, is to accept the uncertainty, embrace it, acknowledge it, face it and give it a place in your own world. “You often don’t know what you want to say until you’ve already said it. Someone must have said that at some point.’ Hopefully, even afterwards, it is still uncertain what was actually said.

Winschoten – De Klinker, Thu 20.15, 24 euros

Xavier Rudd creates a place for big dreams

Singer-songwriter Xavier Rudd knows how to capture the hearts of people all over the world with his music. The Australian multi-instrumentalist lives for his music and sings about what he lives for. Topics such as activism, veganism, spirituality but also surfing, camping among the trees and his dog are discussed. This creates a personalized sound.

Many know the singer from his breakthrough with the hit Follow The Sun . He is now ten studio albums further. His latest album, Jan Juc Moon is the reason for an extensive tour in 18 countries. In this album he goes in search of a sense of freedom. A feeling that he would like to convey after the recent corona years. “The clouds are slowly disappearing behind the sun, and that’s why I want to take my music outside. I want to create a place where people take the weight off their shoulders and dream about the future,” said the singer.

Groningen – SPOT/De Oosterpoort, Thursday at 20.00, 41.10 euros

does making mistakes elicit sympathy or not? | Advertising

Stine Jensen gives a lecture in Podium Zuidhaege about the art of failure . She talks about how we handle and appreciate failure. with his book failure against Jensen wrote an ode to vulnerable fellow human beings in the performance community. The theme remains as relevant as ever.

Can you fail in a society that revolves around achievement and success? How do you handle uncertainty when the world grinds to a halt? When does making mistakes evoke sympathy and when does it evoke horror? And: should we always learn something from our mistakes? Based on his own experiences, Jensen succeeded in turning his fear of failure into failure courage. You can register for the lecture via humanist .

Assen – Stage Zuidhaege, Fri 19.30, 10 euros

From trading geese to folklore: all about Ganzenmarkt Coevorden | Advertising

If you say Coevorden, you say Ganzenmarkt! In the Stedelijk Museum Coevorden from Thursday at mini exhibition about the annual Ganzenmarkt to see.

Ganzenmarkt has been a household name in Coevorden for sixty years. In the 15th century, fat geese were traded. Today it is a folkloric event. Everything passes in this exhibition. From live geese, Miss Goose Shepherd to small Ganzenmarkt. It is a recognition party with many old photos and a piece of history.

Coevorden – Municipal Museum Coevorden, from 3 to 30 November Tuesday to Saturday 9:30-17:00 and Sun 12-17:00, 6 euros

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