Maryam Hassouni quits as an actress, impresses in Khalid & Sophie

The acting was so amazing, but Maryam Hassouni stepped off the stage. According to her, the world of television and film has a culture where racism, sexism and transgressive behavior are more the rule than the exception. Hassouni wrote a book about it and talked about it on the talk show last night Khalid and Sophie. She impressed many viewers.

IN What Fac she writes about the crooked world that became more and more clear to her and in the book Maryam Hassouni also bids her farewell as. The 37-year-old Amsterdam has played countless roles since 2002. Well-known titles where Hassouni joined were Dunya and Desi, Shoof Shoof!, eye monkeyfur, Police Rotterdam and Machine. Subway talked about her a few years ago Police Rotterdam and the fact that she participated in three different studies and also published a children’s book. So now there is a completely different book, What Fac.

Maryam Hassouni had an Emmy in her pocket

Khalid and Sophiepresenter Khalid Kasem once again indicated in the conversation how great it was with Maryam Hassouni. “Your career has boomed, Maryam. you stayed shooting star in Berlin, as one of the most promising actors or actresses in Europe. And you are the first Dutchman to win an Emmy. At a certain point, as I read in the book, you come to the realization that all the roles that are offered to you are always cliche. Where your origin or Islam is problematized. Explain. So you’ve already done lots and lots of success… why is this still happening?”

Maryam Hassouni: “Yes, good question. Diversity is not higher mathematics. It is not something you have to discover or invent, it is something you have to want. I feel that there is not really enough will from the television company and from the Film Foundation. Second, I think diversity is an outdated idea. It actually promotes Eurocentrism (emphasis on European culture, ed.) and racism. The moment you start thinking in diversity, you think in differences. When you think in differences , you contrast cultures. With a thick line between.”

Police Rotterdam Maryam Hassouni
Maryam Hassouni in her time as a Moroccan detective in Flikken Rotterdam. Photo: AVROTROS

‘We must start from agreements’

“It has an underlying meaning,” Maryam Hassouni continued her argument. Namely that one culture is better than another culture. Some cultures are freer than others. You also have that if you e.g. pits a man and a woman against each other. So we must start from similarities. Then you start to think very differently, and you get very different stories.”

In the Netherlands, diversity is divided into three categories, Hassouni believes. “You have the terrorist, you have the criminal, and you have the victim of your own barbaric sandbox culture. Then you also have subcategories: the woman who is married off, always something with a hymen and who must be rescued by the white man. And then you have the gay man who has to come out, which is very very difficult.” Khalid Kasem: “Are you saying: these are the roles that should not be exemplary? They are important social themes.”

Maryam Hassouni again: “They have to be made, fine. But for the last twenty years it’s only been those kinds of stories, but in a different way. I just want to tell a different story. I just want to talk about racism, about inequality of opportunity . Nothing gets done about it. And when it’s done, you can’t interfere. Because the people who decide what stories can and can’t be made, who share the money, always choose the cringeworthy cliche stories. If you want arguing with it… I’ve spent two decades trying to talk to them and explain that this is problematic. Because you have young boys and girls who watch those shows and movies and don’t recognize themselves in them.”

Viewers impressed by Maryam Hassouni’s story

Many viewers of Khalid and Sophie were last night impressed by Maryan Hassouni and the calm way she spoke about her abandoned world. One person tweeted: “Very powerful. Diversity policy created with the best of intentions confirms the difference. Press interview. Confronting for myself too. Secretly I still want to know man and horse and at the same time she is absolutely right. It’s about the system . They’re always men, aren’t they? It has to be different.” Another: “Chapeau to Maryam Hassouni. Brave, important and also a sad story.”

Finally, a Sjon: “Strong story and makes it clear once again that sexism is still far from forbidden. What people think they can afford is unheard of. It’s good that boundaries are clearly stated, because we shouldn’t want that. Never ever…”

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