Cultural tips for Friesland: ‘Slappe Douwe’ is a king of chains, contortionist and fakir rolled into one, bursting with 3JS, Jan Akkerman 60 years in the business, Tineke Schouten, and discoveries of ‘BACH!’

In the coming days there is plenty to do in Friesland in the cultural field. Ritsko van Vliet plays Slappe Douwe and performs the daredevil’s actions himself. 3JS is ready to bring their own repertoire and cello and organ dialogue with each other in BACH! This is not all. Read more soon!

Jan Akkerman celebrates his 75th birthday with a tour

Jan Akkerman is celebrating his 75th birthday with an extensive tour. In Akkerman’s anniversary show Walk Off mine life is central to his long musical career of around 60 years. The idiosyncratic Amsterdammer released 30 solo albums in all kinds of musical styles. He never rested in all those years, but continued to develop.

Live audiences around the world still enjoy Akkerman’s technique, unique sense of timing and his ability to seemingly carelessly combine jazz, rock, blues, dance and classical music. Akkerman performs songs by Johnny & His Cellar Rockers, The Hunters and Brainbox, world hits from Focus and solo pieces from his latest album. Close beauty .

Leeuwarden – Rhinoceros, Fri 20.45, 17 euros

Laughs with a double layer

With our freedoms and achievements, life in the Netherlands is usually beautiful and tolerable. But if you let all the misery in the world sink in, you can see things quite bleak. This feels quite twofold. wonders Tineke Schouten how we struggle with decency through this ‘double’ life. This fact has been a source of inspiration for the comedian for 40 years.

In her 25th e anniversary show, she can’t wait to present brand new types with their flaws. The sensitive songs should not be missing, like Bep Lachebek. Beppie is a piece of tragedy on the outside and inside. She takes another double shot of vodka, laughs too loudly and shamelessly lies double: double with double L. Because life should be celebrated from time to time. Time for a party, how hard can it be? Tonight life is beautiful.

Sneek – Theater Sneek, Fri 20.15, 41.50 euros

Slack Douwe: king of chains, twisted and fakir

weak douwe tells about the life of the Leeuwarden street artist Douwe Andries Bijlsma (1896 – 1967). Nothing was too crazy for him. He lay on a bed of nails, climbed a saber ladder and freed himself from chains. Many also still know him as the strict ‘tuunt sheplisie’ in Prinsentuin.

From an early age, ‘flabby’ Douwe Andries Bijlsma was convinced that he was destined for great deeds. Every time he rolled out his robes as a king of chains, contortionist or fakir, and the audience crowded around him in anticipation, he knew: I can do something that no one else can. Even at home in Weerklank, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Leeuwarden, he managed to distinguish himself from others: of all the poorest, he – the father of ten children – was the poorest. Ritsko van Vliet plays Slappe Douwe and performs a number of his acts in the performance.

Leeuwarden – Theater De Bres, Fri to Sun at 8 p.m., 15 euros

3JS is ready to pop

3JS is ready to give a cracking, dynamic and above all swinging show. The three singers are back in the clubs with their own repertoire. After an intensive U2 tribute in 60 Dutch theatres, the live band is looking forward to performing their own songs.

Due to their participation in TV programs such as The summer is over , Holland’s best singers and also the many points in programs such as DWDD the artists have been able to make themselves heard from all musical sides. Meanwhile, they have never left the radio with their own music. They released nine studio albums in ten years, four of which achieved gold status.

Sneek – Het Bolwerk, Fri at 21, 25 euros

Cello and organ in dialogue

BACH! is a meeting between two instruments for which Johann Sebastian Bach’s compositions are invaluable: the cello and the organ. Both instruments engage in dialogue with each other and tell a musical story of secular and spiritual music.

Bach’s music shows people in all their vulnerability, with recognizable questions and moods and a search for light in everyday earthly existence. On the other hand, there are large, barely comprehensible concepts such as death, eternity and the Holy Trinity. Bach was able to express them in his organ compositions and bring them closer to our imagination. Organist Simon Bouma and cellist Judith Oost are looking forward to sharing the discoveries they have made with the listeners.

Leeuwarden – Cultuurpodium Dorpskerk Huizum, Friday at 5 p.m., free (a voluntary contribution is appreciated)

Sunday afternoon jazz in Rottevalle | Advertising

Smallingerland Kro in Rottevalle holds Sunday another Sunday afternoon jazz & dinner. This edition spotlights the Basily Gipsy Band. This band is in demand all over the world – even the Rolling Stones are big fans of their guitar playing and invited them to play at a birthday party – and all because of the enormous virtuosity of these St. Gypsies from The Hague. They bring Hot Club de France music to the inn.

During the concert you can enjoy culinary delights from the kitchen. There is another edition of Sunday Afternoon Jazz this year, but with Izaline Calister. Look at for more info and the menu.

Rottevalle – Herberg van Smallingerland, Sun at 15, 110 euros (incl. 5-course dinner)

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