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The exhibition ‘Naturally upstream’ can be seen in the former wicker school in Noordwolde, with very diverse work. And a few honorable mentions.

The autumn exhibition for KWIDS (Stichting Kunstwerk! In de Stellingen) in Noordwolde shows works by no less than fourteen artists from the north of the country. The variety of styles and disciplines is great, just as the quality varies quite a bit, with some peaks upwards.

The initiative is commendable and the location is beautiful, although only two classrooms and an adjoining corridor of the sturdy former Reed Braid School in the old rattan village are used for the exhibition. The offer consists of works by artists who – in accordance with the title Upstream of course – has been inspired by nature or natural materials. That’s how it does Henk de Lange sculptures made of peat and wood, which stand out for their naive qualities. They sometimes resemble primitive sculptures and religious artifacts. Other three-dimensional work is of it Jose Wissink while smaller items are displayed in a display case from Harm Bron (jewellery) and Riette Ballast (ceramic).

Thin watercolors

Landscapes are through Sjoerdtje Hak captured in tenuous watercolors, as the same subject of Anja Knoopers and Maria Visser is depicted in acrylic paintings that could be more inhabited. s pictures Jessica van der Hout – which is inspired by what grows and flourishes in its immediate vicinity of Stellingwerfs – is accompanied by a brief explanation in two languages: Dutch and Stellingwerfs. Language and nature are rooted in the same soil. Van der Hout’s poetic reflections and the effective translation by Johan Veenstra nourish the nature experience. Bee Oolde Stroomdal e.g:

“Tomorrow will be different because it rained and the wind blew harder and from a different angle. Where wood and reeds happened to meet without anyone having or ever grasping it. Where eternity is contained in the everyday.’

In Stellingwerfs it is:

Tomorrow will be different because it rained and the weeds had a different angle. What a chance tree and reed met each other without anyone grasping it or getting it. Where to make the decision is in everyday life.

Pipe collar of machine embroidery thread

In the meantime Annemieke Spierenburg different stages of impermanence explored in autumn leaves, providing a melancholic series of watercolors. From Magna Postma eco-prints are present with botanical prints, in addition to some realistic still-life paintings full of fabric expressions. Textiles are also an important component of the work Mariet Rankenberg , sometimes combined with old (craft) techniques. It is clear from her cane collar of machine embroidery thread, or the Organza landscape which consists of torn strips of fabrics with subtle differences in tone.

Honorable mentions

Finally, three exhibitors receive an honorable mention. First of all there is Marja Dijkstra , which exhibits beautiful charcoal drawings of a level strangely not achieved by her lithographs. While her drawings are mysterious, the graphic work is remarkably one-dimensional, but those who see her drawn birch trees can comfortably get lost in an atmospheric fairytale forest.

‘s oil paintings Christian T. Afman were all created en plein air, on location in the Drents-Friese Wold. With a skillful touch and refined use of color, he manages to depict the landscape vividly.

Finally impresses Hennie Dijk-Stel again with his meticulous botanical drawings. Hair is realistic Kale remains a feast for the eyes. It sounds contradictory, but by looking carefully and scientifically, she knows how to give her subjects an inspiration that is nowhere better expressed than in Scottish bogs . Small, fine and subtle in colour, they really know how to embody eternity in everyday life.

Noordwolde – formerly Rijks Reed Braid School

Hovedgaden Oostzijde 34a (community hall entrance)

Upstream of course until 27 November 2022

Open: Friday to Sunday 13.00 – 17.00

A small catalog is for sale in the exhibition hall for 1.50 euros.

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