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In a new series of episodes of MAX Makes Possible, Jan Slagter visits Lithuania, Moldova and Curaçao to improve the living conditions of the elderly. Together with local emergency workers, he looks at what help can be offered. There is also extra attention to the elderly in the Netherlands, who due to the current price increases are facing a cold winter socially and financially. For the first time in the existence of the MAX Makes Possible foundation, a special winter campaign is therefore being launched in the Netherlands.

Episode 1 – Saturday 22 October at 17:30 on MAX on NPO 2
In the first episode, the 96-year-old tells Johan Hazewinkel about his great wish: to fly over his beloved birthplace and hometown of Gorssel. The family arranged it, but when the flight was to take place, Mr Hazewinkel was not allowed on the airline because he had difficulty walking. Jan Butcher surprises Mr. Hazewinkel at the nursing home where he lives and makes sure he is on the air that afternoon.

Attention is also paid to the elderly in Lithuania, where MAX makes it possible has helped for years thanks to a special man: Wim Braun’s. More than six years ago, Jan Slagter met Wim, who looked after 25 elderly people in his own way. Wim went every day on his mountain bike, or with a van full of wood and food, to visit the poorest elderly. But on January 14 this year, he died suddenly. Jan Slagter pays Wim the last tribute and finds out how Wim’s life’s work can be continued, so that the elderly are also guaranteed food and wood this winter.

Episode 2 – Saturday 29 October at 17:30 on MAX on NPO 2
This episode is exclusively dedicated to elderly people in Curaçao who are barely able to get by and live in very difficult conditions. It’s the first time, that MAX makes it possible takes action for the elderly on the island. But help is badly needed. As for the 87-year-old Maria, who lives in a slum with her two sons, aged 60 and 62. Like them, several elderly people find it difficult to buy food or pay for medicine every day. Jan Slagter looks for these elderly people and discusses with opera singers Tania Crosswho live on Curaçao, the two sides of the island: the holiday island and the side where the elderly have to survive without support.

A third of the inhabitants of Curaçao already lived below the poverty line before the corona crisis. The corona lockdown led to a loss of income, a major food shortage and even more registrations in the Food Bank on the island. But due to a lack of income, the food bank has only been able to distribute 1,000 packages a month since December. And 3,000 people – including many elderly people – got the message that there was no longer a package for them. MAX makes it possible wants to collect money so that more people can get a food package, and houses for the poorest elderly can be renovated.

Episode 3 – Saturday 5 November at 17.30 on MAX on NPO 2
Ronny Lammers from Zutphen has lung cancer and is not getting better. In the last months he has left, he will celebrate life. His sisters ask for help in organizing a real ‘Dutch day’. Jan Butcher Ronny waits in Volendam for a traditional Volendam photo in traditional costume, followed by a sailing trip with musical closing party with Wolter Kroes on Marche.

Attention is also paid to the elderly in flooded Pakistan. Extreme rainfall has caused disaster in August. Large parts of the country are under water due to the worst monsoon rains ever. Houses are uninhabitable and people are in an emergency. And the second disaster follows immediately, because as a result of the extreme rainfall, the harvest has completely failed, and that means no food for the next season. MAX makes it possible have worked with for years Sylvester Bhatti of the PECA Foundation. Sylvester is in Pakistan to provide relief and thanks to contributions from MAX makes it possible distribution of food parcels to 450 elderly people. It’s the only help people get.

Episode 4 – Saturday 12 November at 17:30 on MAX on NPO 2
In 2018, Tony Schmidt suffered a cerebral infarction and was paralyzed on one side as a result. He is a real Achterhoeker and often talks to his nurse Reina about the Zwarte Cross, which he always liked to go to. Reina has tried to go to Zwarte Cross before, but Tonnie’s wheelchair is an obstacle. Jan Butcher surprises Tonnie with an email from Benny Jolink and takes him to Zwarte Cross the same day.

Displaced across Moldova, refugees are received from neighboring Ukraine. In the town of Orhei, they all live together with Moldovan families, who are also not doing well themselves. MAX makes it possible therefore distributes 144 food packages weekly to support this group. One of those who gratefully uses such a lunch box is 80-year-old Mihail Cazacenco from Ukraine. His house has been destroyed, his family has been torn apart, and he wants nothing more than to return to his old life.

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