the best Sinterklaas activities in the whole country

In most cities, Sinterklaas sets foot on November 12 or 13. After arriving, it is then necessary to wait until Pakjesavond, to wave goodbye to Sinterklaas and his Pieten. Do you want more Sinterklaas between arrival and Pakjesavond? Then you can enjoy various Sinterklaas activities throughout the country.

Kek Mama lists the best.

Pietendorp in the Zuiderzee Museum

On 20, 26 and 27 November from 10:00 to 16:00, the Zuiderzee Museum is transformed into a Pietendorp. More than 150 Piets move into the outdoor museum and stir in. Pietenbootcamp. For children there is a free Pietenmuts with their own name available (on = away).

Tickets are only available via the website of the Zuiderzee Museum.

Visit the Muiderslot castle

Muiderslot is used as Sinterklaas’s castle. Between November 19 and December 4, the gates are open at the weekend to take a look at and meet Saint Nicholas and his Piet’s living environment. You can also visit Muiderslot during the week, but then Sint and his Pieten are absent.

At the castle, the children can practice their cuddling skills, look around the packing room, see the bedrooms and get started with fun crafts, drawings and poems.

Ticket sales are going strong. You can find more information on Muiderslot’s website.

The town of Sinterklaas

The Archeon museum park has been transformed into the town of Sinterklaas! Here you can see with your own eyes how Sint and his Pieten are at work, take part in the fun activities and obtain your Pieten diploma. The exhibition ‘The story of Nicholas’ will also be shown. Under the town of Sinterklaas, there are daily performances by a special puppet theater, and you can also have brunch with Sint and Piet.

The town of Sinterklaas can be visited on 19, 20, 26 and 27 November and 3 and 4 December. Brunch takes place on 27 November and 4 December. You can buy tickets via Archeon’s website. One of the best Sinterklaas activities if the reviews are to be believed.

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Saint Nicholas

Sinterklaas keeps up with the times and also orders many gifts online. Many of these packages also come to the Netherlands by air. That is why Sint-AIRklaa’s activity has been set up at the Aviodrome. The airline SintAirways has taken up residence at the Aviodrome, and the children can help ensure that the plane can leave on time with all the packages. They can help sort packages, refuel the planes with gingerbread oil, scan ‘unsafe’ packages, practice throwing gifts into the chimneys and map out flight routes under the guidance of the Pietloten.

SintAIRklaas can be visited on 19, 20, 26 and 27 November and 3 and 4 December. Tickets are available through the Aviodrome itself. The experience is included in a regular entrance ticket.

The Speculaas factory in Sinterklaas

Zaans Museum is the place to be for children’s bakers. Between November 12 and December 5, children can visit the Zaans Museum for fun activities. There is a baker bootcamp, children can start baking a real gingerbread man, there is a treasure hunt through the museum and afterwards the children are skilled bakers with diplomas.

The Speculaas Factory is from November 12th to December 5th. Tickets are available through Zaans Museum. You pay the regular entrance fee, plus 3 euros for these activities.

Packer boat 12

Pakjesboot12 has no fixed location, but can be visited at various times throughout the country. Something different from the other Sinterklaas activities, then. On board, children can see with their own eyes how Sinterklaas and Pieten live and work on board. In the galley, Pieten makes gingerbread and other goodies, while the packer prepares thousands of packages in the packing room. Children are also allowed to visit Sinterklaas in his work and bedroom.

Pakjesboot12 goes via Hellevoetsluis (the national entrance) to Rotterdam, Leiden, Lisse, Haarlem and Weesp. Ticket sales and more information about the dates can be found on their website.

Big Pete’s House

This year the Grote Pietenhuis is located in the Grote Kerk in Alkmaar. And in this house is a special safe, full of gifts and sweets. This big Sinterklaas safe has to be squatted and children can help Pieten get this job done. In the house, children can search for secrets and clues. In addition, there are obstacle courses, they can climb and walk on the roofs, throw presents into the chimney, dance with Discopyt and take a wish list with them to Sinterklaas.

From 19 November you can visit the Grote Kerk in Alkmaar. Tickets are available via the website.

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