Is breakdancing art or a sport?

With the growing popularity of breaking in recent years, the debate over whether breaking is a art or a sport is, especially given the recurring competition theme that has been a regular part of culture has been.

It is clear that the competitive aspect attracts people and it is impossible to make a complete distinction between breaking and sport. Lazy legsPatuelli, the founder of Il-Abilities crew says: “The athletic and competitive aspect has always been in dance. You have to be physically active and fit to be able to perform the movements. In addition, it is an art form because it individual creation of these movements.”

B-Boy Perninha at Red Bull BC One Cypher Brazil in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Lucas Ferreira Machado (aka B-Boy Perninha) from Brazil, is part of the Lazylegz Ill-Abilities crew. “For years I considered myself one athlete” he says, “but the more things I did with Ill-Abilities, the more mine mindset began to change.”
When asked if he is an artist or an athlete, B-Boy Kareem: “It’s always different. Right now, I would call myself more of an athlete. But I mean, how Define you a human? Also, as a breaker, you can’t be defined and you can’t really say if you’re an athlete or an artist. you are just one circuit breaker. it is deeper than being an artist or an athlete. I would say I’m an artist who trains like an athlete.”

I would say that I am an artist who trains like an athlete.

B Girl Isis from Ecuador, feels “an artist who has been recognized by society forced to be an athlete”, but she is also convinced that it will always remain an art form. “You have to be an athlete if you have Goal will have to obtainbut I think almost all b-boys and b-girls think: we are artists.”

“It’s a dance. Dance is art, and dance is that culture. So it’s being connected to something more than yourself,” says Asia One. “It’s definitely an art form, because judging dance is subjective.”

    Bboy Ali and Bgirl Sunny were announced as the winners of the Red Bull BC One Cypher USA on September 17, 2022 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Asia One crowned B-Girl Sunny the winner of the Red Bull BC One Cypher USA

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It is no surprise that athletes and art are both hallmarks of breaking. But as breaking becomes more popular as a sport through events like Red Bull BC One, the artistic side of breaking is in danger of being overtaken by the competitiveness of the sport.

“Some people have a certain energy and you can just feel it,’ he says B-girl Kate. “There’s just a feeling. And how can you judge it? You can’t. Trying to do everything until ‘if you do this, it’s good; if you do this, it’s bad…’ I don’t think it goes along with the break as it is now.”
B-girl Kate poses for a portrait at the Red Bull BC One World Final New York 2022 in New York, USA on February 10, 2022.

B-girl Kate poses at the Red Bull BC One World Final New York 2022

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“That challenge exists to some extent,” says South Korean B-Boy Hong 10. “The trend of breaking is going more towards competition and that’s just the natural change of breaking. We have to adapt. But I think the artistic aspect, essence of art, will always endure.”
Kriss from the Czech Republic poses for a portrait at la Grande Halle de la Villette the day before the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final in Paris, France on October 11, 2019.

Kriss at the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Finals in Paris, France.

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“For me, it’s the golden mean,” says the Czech B boy Mr. Chris. “For me, both art and sports have to be there to be complete. I’ve seen b-boys who are purely athletic and it doesn’t do anything for me. It’s too robotic, too boring. And at the same time, I have b -boys seen that only on artistic expression thinking, which means their lifestyle is also one big improvisation.”

Hong 10 believes that there is definitely a conflict between the essence of sports and the essence of art, but the essence of art dominates the essence of sports because dancers dance in a unique way and express their own creativity in the movement . utterance bring.

B-Boy Hong 10 at the Red Bull Bc One Kazakhstan National Final in Almaty, Kazakhstan on June 18, 2022.

B-Boy Hong 10 at Red Bull BC One Kazakhstan in Almaty

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Neguin: “I’m an artist because the break comes from your head. Before my body reacts to something or makes a movement, it comes from a creation In my mind. So to do that you need to have a creative mind. And when you create, you are an artist.”

The essence of art dominates the essence of sport.

Also B-Boy Hijck sees the sporty side as an advantage for creativity. “Treating my body like an athlete only helps the artist’s mentality to create more and reach a higher level because my body is ready to move creatively at a high level.”
B-Girl Isis competes in the Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher at the Shakespeare Theater in Gdansk, Poland on November 4, 2021.

Isis shows off her skills at the Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher

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“I think a little competition, even within us, is quite nice,” says Mr. Christ. “And maybe important to try because… most of my fights were not real, and of course it’s a cliché, fights with the opponent, but were kind of fights with myself. I lost a lot of fights because I loved myself lost.”

“It was always about, how can I do better tonight, how can I do better that night? If I turn my hands three times, how can I do it four times?”

An action shot of B-Boy Lazylegz freezing.

Lazylegz keeps a freeze with a crutch

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