‘It’s all a little different than usual now’

JJeffrey: “Aviation, planes: I always thought it was cool. After finishing high school I went to study aerospace engineering in Delft and in my spare time I got my pilot’s license. My flight instructor at the time was also a captain at KLM. When we pushed the plane back in the hangar after a training flight, he said, why don’t you come fly with us? You’re very good at it and we need people. Wow, I thought that was a pretty brave move. Oliver was just born at the time , the KLM Flight Academy lasts two years, it is located all the way in Groningen and costs a lot of money. There is a financing scheme for that, but still.”

Josiane: “You felt it didn’t fit the picture at that point in your life. I just thought you should go for it. Wouldn’t it be a shame to spend your whole life in the office if you actually like this more?”

Jeffrey: “This choice had such a big impact on the family that I didn’t want to jump into it overnight.”

Josiane: “In the end we saw it as a fun two-year project. In 2019 we moved from Voorburg to Assen, close to Eelde airport, where Jef had his practical lessons. At the time I was working on a job at ProRail, which I could also do from the office in Groningen. Soon we went through corona towards working from home; it made it even easier.”

Jeffrey: “In terms of flying, things were not looking so good at that time. Before corona, you graduated on Friday and could start at KLM on Monday. The lockdown created a waiting list, so at one point I was expected to wait three to five years for a job. It was a little scary. Fortunately, the waiting list has now shrunk again. I finished in the summer and it is expected that I can start working around February.”

Josiane: “At that time, we will have to see how exactly we fill up the care for the children, because Jef is always away for a week.”

Jeffrey: “At KLM, you receive your schedule four weeks in advance, so you can plan accordingly. I’m not afraid that in thirty years I’ll be out of a job because flying will be extinct by then. How else are we going to get to the other side of the earth? Yes, flying has an impact on the environment, but we are also working hard on more sustainable solutions.”

Josiane: “How great is it to be part of the change in the sector?”

At least back to Randstaden

Jeffrey: “In the end we lived in Assen for almost three years for my education.”

Josiane: “I had never lived anywhere else but Voorburg and thought I would always stay there. But it turned out fine for me to be able to live somewhere else! It was an insight.”

Jeffrey: “We really liked Assen. Only two things are missing: Family and Schiphol. That is why we are going back to the Randstaden at the beginning of December.”

Josiane: “Our newly built house in Waddinxveen will be ready at the beginning of December. Finally. We had to wait a long time for the heat pump, which was not delivered. That is why we have been in a cabin in a holiday park in Voorburg since April. It just takes a little too long.”

Jeffrey: “Logistically, it’s quite a situation. Oliver already goes to school in Waddinxveen, which is a twenty minute drive away. The youngest, two-year-old Lauren, also attends daycare there. So we have to be in the car at 7:30 in the morning to Oliver’s school, otherwise there is no parking space. Then I take Lauren to the shelter and drive on to my rented workplace. I now still work three days a week as an independent data consultant. At half past one I have to leave again to pick it all up and bring it home.”

Josiane: “It’s all a bit different than usual now. We will soon be living five minutes’ walk from the school, and we are on a waiting list for several days of childcare and after-school. We long for a little more rest.”

Jeffrey: “The good thing is: Soos and I got to know each other as colleagues, so we can work really well together. When I get home with the groceries, she automatically takes up the cooking. And when I whip a child in the bath, she’s ready with a towel. We never have to explicitly agree on that.”

Trains and planes

Josiane: ”We got to know each other at Ordina, an ICT service provider. I still work there. I mainly do change management there. Where Jef is on the planes, I’m on the trains.”

Jeffrey: “For example, she has done the implementation of NS Flex.”

Josiane: “It was really a nice, tangible project. I studied business informatics and have always been a bit of a computer geek. But I know it now: no matter how well you have IT in order, in the end it is the people who have to change. That is where my greatest attention goes.”

Jeffrey: “The geekiness is because Soos went to see if the domain names were still available when we were coming up with our kids’ names. So now olivernolan.nl and laurenlotus.nl have already claimed.”

Josiane: “In terms of work, I have quite a lot of dreams and wishes. In the future, I would like to run my own coffee shop one day.”

Jeffrey: “On the days when I’m home from flying, I can bake the cakes for the coffee.”

Josiane: “But I also really love my job! So I don’t know when it will happen. In a few years we will have at least two children of school age and hopefully a less intensive life than now. Maybe there will be room for other things.”

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