The most popular cities for hen parties in Spain

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Most bachelor parties are held at (near) the bride’s or groom-to-be’s home. But it is also becoming more and more popular to book an evening or weekend away. We list here the most selected destinations where ‘los novios’ can experience their last night of debauchery.


The party island of Ibiza is number one for many party goers. But in addition to going out in one of the famous nightclubs, you can also lie on the beach here, stroll along trendy markets or – if you have a little more to spend – rent a smart boat for a real glamor party.

Barcelona and Madrid

The two large Spanish cities naturally have something to offer for every taste. Whether you want to discover the nightlife together or are more into cultural excursions. And for the necessary fun for the party participants (and irritation with other road users), renting Segways or eStepts is of course indispensable. Barcelona has the advantage of its location on the coast. Madrid is known for its vibrant nightlife here and there. The districts of Malasaña, Chueca and Argüelles are particularly popular for bachelor parties.


Salamanca is a classic when it comes to hen parties. This cozy university town with a historic center that has been declared a World Heritage Site is known for its many high-quality bars and restaurants. This is an ideal combination for those who first want to eat a lot and then go bar hopping. A tip: visit Salamanca especially during the university year. During the summer holidays, most students leave the city, and the remaining coziness appeals mainly to other types of people.


With its combination of sun, sea and culture, Andalusia naturally attracts many partygoers. For those who love terraces and tapas and maybe also want to visit the Alhambra with a hungover head, Granada the designated place. Near Málaga, there are several cities that are high on the list of favorites for bachelor parties: the cozy ones Málaga of course and also the famous one Torremolinosthe marina in Benalmádena and the everyday Marbella.

Activities suited to the coast are particularly popular here, such as beach or boat parties and other activities on or by the water. Outside Málaga on the Atlantic coast in western Andalusia, is El Puerto de Santa Maria and Conil de la Frontera popular. Due to its location by the sea, the range of activities there is comparable to other coastal towns.

Of the cities of the interior of Andalusia, chiefly Seville a hotspot for bachelor parties. During the busy months of April, May, June and October, this town attracts an average of 1,000 tourists per month. weekend, which comes specifically for a bachelor party. Of course, there is also plenty to do in Seville. Partygoers like to book a boat trip on the Guadalquivir and a visit to a flamenco show. The obligatory tour in a rented limousine is also popular.

Smaller cities: Logroño and Gijón

Some smaller towns also have a reputation to uphold when it comes to stag parties. Gijón is such a city. This place on the north coast is known for its beautiful location, beautiful beach, cozy nightlife and high quality gastronomy. An interesting alternative for many partying bachelors.

Logroño in the Rioja region is also traditionally popular with married couples who want to jump off the bandwagon one last time. Especially Calle Laurel, with its many pubs and tapas bars, has always been a magnet for hen parties. But now many cafes no longer allow party groups there because of the nuisance.

The municipalities take measures

And that’s where the shoe pinches. The municipalities are saddened by the popularity of bachelor parties. On the one hand, they bring in a lot of money. Hen parties are a relatively cheap form of tourism that – unlike other tourist activities – has survived the pandemic without difficulty. It is very welcome in municipalities where other forms of tourism are in decline. But they also cause inconvenience. After all, not all residents or unsuspecting bar-goers are waiting to be let in by bouncy young ladies with tiaras of rubber penises on their heads. Stag parties cause disturbances and complaints about noise pollution and clutter.

In addition to Logroño, there are now several municipalities that have taken measures. Cities such as Málaga and Conil impose heavy fines on revelers who indulge in noise or anti-social behaviour.

Some Spaniards are therefore looking for it outside of Spain. Especially Lisbon and – yes – Amsterdam have also become popular destinations for Spanish prospective students who want to put the flowers outside one last time.

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