Despite the trouble, Greenpeace is happy about the Schiphol East occupation: “Airplanes are not sacred”

Greenpeace Holland calls the occupation of the platform at Schiphol East the day before yesterday a success. According to Faiza Oulahsen, head of climate and energy at Greenpeace, by chaining to around ten private planes and a Canadian air force transport plane, the activists were able to clearly communicate their demands: a smaller Schiphol airport and a ban on private flights. jet plane.. Oulahsen is not worried about any damage to the plane. “Those devices are not sacred,” she says soberly.

Climate activists from Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion yesterday managed to overwhelm the military police and the police in hundreds, storm the platform at Schiphol East and in no time chain themselves to around ten private planes and a military transport plane from Canada. .

Faiza Oulahsen is happy that the activists could make their point, she tells NH Nieuws. In contrast to the protest at Schiphol Plaza, there was no permission from the municipality for an action at Schiphol-East. Mayor Schuurmans of Haarlemmermeer reacted angrily, calling the blockade ‘dangerous and punishable’. The municipality wants to recover all damages from the activists and organizers.

The blockade was ‘civil disobedience’

Schuurmans’ criticism ignores Oulahsen: “We said in advance that we would conduct a non-violent and peaceful campaign, but that we would obey civilly. Everyone has the right to protest.”

Oulahsen emphasizes that she was in contact with the authorities, Schiphol, air traffic control and the municipality throughout the day.

“If the plane was going to take off anyway, we would have been released within a minute” Faiza Oulahsen about being chained to a military unit

One million in compensation

Oulahsen is not worried about the possible damages that Greenpeace will have to pay. She refers to 2012, when the environmental organization shut down 72 Shell gas stations. Shell wanted one million euros in compensation, but the judge ruled in favor of Greenpeace.

“According to the judge, Shell could have taken blockades into account and should have accepted that kind of action,” says Oulahsen. “Even the planes at Schiphol East are not sacred.”

It was not yet known if there was any damage to the plane, according to a spokesman for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. All owners are currently being contacted. As far as we know, no report has been filed yet. There was damage to a fence and the platform was full of rubbish, according to Schiphol.

Ally blocked

The campaign focused on private jet flying, which Greenpeace says is the most polluting mode of flying. The planes could not move because of the occupation. As far as Greenpeace is concerned, private jet flights are banned, but a group of activists also chained themselves to a Canadian Air Force Hercules C-130. A C-130 is neither a jet nor a private plane, but a military transport aircraft belonging to a NATO ally.

Oulahsen denies that the Hercules blockade was a mistake: “We made no difference. If the plane was going to leave anyway, we would have left within a minute.”

According to Greenpeace, the activists would have always made room in the event of an emergency, and this has also been made clear to Schiphol, the municipality and the authorities.

“The unit did not need to go to Ukraine”

“In addition, we must not romanticize military aviation either,” says Oulahsen. “It really wasn’t like the transport plane was going to Ukraine. In addition, military aircraft are also used to protect companies with interests in oil and gas.”

Hercules traveled to Prestwick in Scotland today.

On the left of the picture are the activists who had attached themselves to the Canadian air force’s Hercules. The article continues below the picture.

Furious over ‘fake news’ medical flight

Oulahsen is outraged by the news that the European Business Aviation Association – an advocacy group for private jet aviation – published that a medical evacuation was unable to land at Schiphol due to the blockade.

According to her, it is deliberately fake news, distributed by EBAA. The flight deviated according to the pilots’ orders, but according to Schiphol the plane could have landed as normal.

Experts in action

Greenpeace thus claims that in an emergency the climate activists could have given free rein to medical, military, police and coast guard flights. “We are experts in campaigns. We have been going into high-risk areas, such as oil rigs and ships, for fifty years,” says Oulahsen. “Tethering to aircraft is not much different than being on an oil rig. Aviation has been out of harm’s way for a long time enough.” Via NH Nieuws – Photos: Greenpeace press department

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