Unequal pay female employee costs Wehkamp € 113,000

1. Twitter asks fired employees to come back

Twitter is asking dozens of employees who lost their jobs on Friday to return. This is reported by the Bloomberg news agency, citing sources in the company. After Musk took over, nearly 3,700 people were fired via email on Friday. Some of them should not have received that email and were accidentally fired. According to the insiders, it marks chaos and haste around the process.

2. Wehkamp compensates female employee with €113,000 for unequal pay

Webshop Wehkamp has paid 113,000 euros to a female corporate lawyer who earned less than a male colleague who performed the same work, de Volkskrant reports. The 33-year-old woman had filed a lawsuit, but the company did not want to wait for the decision from the court in Leeuwarden. Wehkamp pays the money, but the e-commerce company denies guilt. Advance on several similar cases?

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3. The technology wants to deploy more status holders to combat staff shortages

Industry organizations in technology, construction and energy presented a plan to the government on Friday to tackle the staff shortage. Their battle plan to fill the 60,000 vacancies: Focus on automation, but also on status holders and migrant workers. In ten years, 10,000 of them should work with technology, BNR reports.

“The labor market is a stopgap for the energy transition. It simply doesn’t happen without technology’, says Doekle Terpstra, chairman of Techniek Nederland. ‘We already have an ongoing problem and it will only get worse. If we don’t get started right now, things will come to a complete standstill.’

4. Puma boss sensitively switches to competitor Adidas

A sensitive transition is in the air. Puma boss Bjørn Gulden looks set to switch to competitor Adidas. And investors are happy about that, BNR believes. The stock of Adidas rose by 20 percent on the stock exchange in Frankfurt on Friday. According to experts, Gulden could lead both the creative and the financial side of a major sports brand. His successor at Puma is already ready. Insider Arne Freudt will soon become the new boss of Puma, the company announced.

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5. Anti-tobacco lobby wins court case, the cigarette may be off the shelf

The way in which the amount of dangerous substances in the filter cigarette is currently measured is unreliable. This was decided by the judge in Rotterdam after lawsuits initiated by fifteen organizations, led by the Youth Smoking Prevention Foundation, writes AD.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Safety Authority must now enforce cigarettes as they are for sale in shops, the judge believes. In practice, the victory for the anti-tobacco lobby may mean that the current filter cigarette is too unhealthy and must be removed from the shops.

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6. Must read: What happened to the climate agreements in Glasgow?

The climate summit in Egypt started on Sunday. In addition to diplomats and politicians, the conference will bring together thousands of scientists and representatives of businesses and civil society organizations to discuss climate change. But what does it do?

Last year around this time, a climate summit was also held in Glasgow. This resulted in a number of agreements and intentions: among other things, on the closure of coal-fired power plants, climate finance for poorer countries and a stop to state support for fossil fuels. Has anything come of this within the past 12 months, RTL Nieuws wondered. “It’s not a lack of money, but of political will.”

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7. By the coffee machine: Volkswagen wants the first hydrogen cars on the road in 2026

Volkswagen is working on a hydrogen car that runs 2,000 km per hour. tank’. To that end, the car group, together with the company Kraftwerk Tubes, has applied for registration of a patent for a new hydrogen fuel cell. which not only increases the range considerably, but is also significantly cheaper than the current one. The new hydrogen car will be on the road in 2026.

The development contradicts the position Volkswagen previously took under former CEO Herbert Diess regarding hydrogen. He tweeted earlier: ‘It has turned out that the hydrogen car is not the solution to the climate problem. In transport, electrification has taken over. Fake debates are a waste of time. Please listen to the science.’

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