Dolf Jansen, The Kilkennys, Adri de Boer, Randy Hansen and The Dude: Outings in Friesland

Dolf Jansen plays his New Year’s Eve, The Kilkennys play Irish folk, Adri de Boer has a surprise, Randy Hansen plays in the style of Jimi Hendrix and The Dude can be seen on the screen again.

Adri de Boer comes to the living room

Stueteater De Wier in Koarnjum has recently decided to take a different cultural course. The intimate theater is now available for lectures, rehearsals, music recordings, exhibitions, small concerts and even as a teaching space. One of the musicians who has performed in the theater several times in the past is the Frisian troubadour Adri de Boer. Adri de Boer has been part of the northern musical landscape for more than half a century. He has done this for the past 35 years as a Frisian-speaking troubadour. In his musical career, De Boer won the Frisian singing competition Liet three times.

On Friday, he will again put a music program on stage. This time the troubadour plays songs from his musical past and releases songs from his new solo album Geandwei to belong. He will also debut some songs from De Boer Sjongt Bos, the new program with which he will tour in 2023 and 2024. He has been working ‘in secret’ on this brand new, truly Frisian project. You can register for the concert via or by calling 06-54763154.

Koarnjum – Concerts & more De Wier (room theatre), Fri at 20, 15 euros

The Irish Sound of The Kilkennys

Traditional Irish folk and ballad band The Kilkennys are known for their dynamic arrangements, energetic performances and their charismatic relationship with the audience. Formed by schoolmates, the band began touring Ireland in 1998. In 2008, they decided to call themselves ‘The Kilkennys’ after their beloved home, Kilkenny City.

Over the years the group has grown and is now formed by Davey Cashin (vocals, mandolin, banjo, guitar and flutes), Tommy Mackey (bass, acoustic guitar and vocals), Josh O’ Loughlin (guitar and vocals) and Mick Martin (bodhran, uilleann pipes, low flutes, guitar and vocals). On Thursday they play their show Blowing in the wind in the suit; Friday they are too in Koornbeurs in Franeker and Sunday in Balk at De Treemter.

Drachten – De Lawei, Thu 20.15, 25 euros

Dolf Jansen comes to provide flash

Today, we can have anything delivered to our home in ten minutes, such as chips, barbecue sauce, two bananas or ketamine all weekend. IN Flash delivered the new year’s eve show, Dolf Jansen navigates from lockdown to freedom and from war in Europe to other transgressive behavior.

New Year’s Eve 2022 brings hope, comedy, poetry and improvisation, but is also a plea for peace and humanity in places of aggression and fear. The pace is fast, but you get more than enough time for laughter and other sounds.

Heerenveen – Posthuis Theater, Thu 20.15, 21 euros

Randy Hansen and the Ghost of Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix has left an undeniable mark on contemporary rock music with his playing and charisma. Fifty years later, he is still a much talked about artist who inspires others. Randy Hansen keeps the spirit of the master alive in his live shows. He lets Hendrix’s musical talent flow through his playing, look and sound.

The Seattle rock star has been on stage for over thirty years, sharing the stage with such greats as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Miller, Paul Rodgers, Herbie Hancock and original Jimi Hendrix Experience band members Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell.

Leeuwarden – Rhinoceros, Thu 20.45, 20 euros

The guy in the Assembly House

Few movie characters have such a relaxed reputation as The Dude, also known as His Royal Dudeness, from The Big Lebowski . Jeff Bridges, who already had the image of a laid-back blond-haired hippie surfer, plays his best role in this film by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen as a cheerful good-for-nothing.

With White Russians in hand, he spends day in and day out chatting with his best buddies at the bowling alley. No one stands in his way. Until he is mistaken for a millionaire of the same name: Lebowski. This classic by the Coen brothers will be shown on Friday during Filmkafé Bagdad in Wergea.

Wergea – Us Doarpshûs, Fri at 8.30 p.m., 7.50 euros

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