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AALTEN – A new exhibition has been set up in HelenaHuis in Aalten. Artworks by three local artists can be seen on the second floor of HelenaHuis until 1 February. Ben Lammers, Ans Braamskamp and Joke Warner exhibit their works. Spatial work, weaving, macro photography and paintings are exhibited for three months. The artists are present every first Saturday of the month from 14:00 to 16:00 to explain their artworks.

HelenaHuis offers local artists a stage by organizing a changing exhibition. Joop Lubbers coordinates the exhibitions and organizes the exhibitions together with the artists concerned. “Many talented artists are active in Aalten and the surrounding area. We would like to offer these local artists a stage here in HelenaHuis. The second floor is made available for the changing exhibitions. This time works by Ans Braamskamp, ​​Joke Warner and Ben Lammers can be seen. The great variety of the objects makes it a varied exhibition!”

About Ans Braamskamp
Ans has been making pictures for years. She has made many objects with different materials such as wood, concrete and clay. She says: “Ultimately, I get the most satisfaction from working with clay. My inspiration comes mainly from the things I experience myself such as love, happiness and emotions. And of course my grandchildren are always a source of inspiration.” Ans has a small group of friends with whom she laughs. “It is very cozy and very relaxing. I have also taken classes with Jozef Kemperman for many years, from whom I learn a lot.”

About Ben Lammers
While cycling and walking, Ben always takes his camera with him. “I often try to give myself tasks. For example, photographing objects of a certain color or shape.” His preference is for nature photography in all its purity. Ben: “Within nature photography, my focus is on landscape photography and macro photography. Macro photography is a technique that allows you to isolate subjects by making a conscious choice in sharpness and blur. Both foreground and background are important in the composition you choose.” In recent years Ben has also taken up painting again to bring attention to the craft.

About Joke Warner
Joke Warner weaves tapestries on her loom. Her passion for weaving started in old Mrs. Holthuis’ craft shop. She borrowed a simple loom and had her first lessons in weaving. “I learned a lot through trial and error.” The passion for weaving has never left. “Weaving is actually a way of braiding. You work with threads, the warp thread and the weft thread, so that the threads are intertwined and a piece of fabric is created.” Joke uses different materials in the wall coverings, from thin sock wool to thick carpet yarn, rags, paper, rope and plastic bags. “Playing with these materials creates beautiful structures. It is always a journey of discovery to try out new effects.”
The artworks by Joke, Ben and Ans can be seen in HelenaHuis van Aalten until 1 February 2023. Every first Saturday of the month, 5 November, 3 December and 7 January from 14.00 to 16.00, the artists are present in HelenaHuiset to explain their work, if desired. Helenahuis van Aalten, Landstraat 11, is open every Saturday from 11am to 5pm.

About the Helena house
Religion, art and history meet in HelenaHuis. The story of the burial vault is told through the replica on the ground floor. In church surroundings, the visitor can hear the story of Saint Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine the Great. Works by local artist Piet te Lintum can be seen on the third floor. Visitors can also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with the special Helena cake.
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