Reichelt research shows: Dutch people fear power failure

Major concerns about power outages
59 percent of the Dutch respondents expect a power cut this winter. In fact, almost a quarter (24%) believe these incidents will happen once a week or more. Most think the power outage will last one to three hours (34%) or less than an hour (30%). However, slightly more than a third (32%) can also imagine a longer outage of more than three hours.

People are most worried about not having hot water (39%) or not being able to heat their home (37%). They are also worried about failure of water pumps in multi-storey buildings and interruption of drinking water supply (31%). 31% also fear that vital devices will fail during a power outage.

Call for energy savings
In connection with the rising costs of gas, the government is stimulating initiatives to save on electricity. In the meantime, 88 percent of households have taken energy-saving measures.

These are the most commonly used measures to save energy:

  • 69% more economical with hot water
  • 68% lower the room temperature a little
  • Use 48% less electricity-intensive devices
  • Keep a better eye on 40% own consumption, e.g. with meters

In addition, the Dutch have taken countless individual measures, such as replacing conventional lamps with LED lamps, creating mood lighting in the evening with candles, drying laundry in the open air instead of in a tumble dryer, turning off white goods. with standby and emptying (and defrosting) the freezer. But the Dutch are also spending to save energy, such as installing solar panels or installing a new, more efficient gas boiler. These initiatives show that the Dutch are trying to reduce their energy consumption in different ways.

Emergency facilities
The Dutch also seem to be preparing. Just over half (53%) say they have also prepared for a power outage, and 53% would even be prepared if the power went out for 24 hours today. This is in contrast to 44% who would not be prepared.

Most Dutch people already have basic facilities at home, such as a flashlight (61%), a warm blanket (57%), light sources such as candles and camping lamps (57%) or a stock of medicine (57%). But when it comes to more specific measures, the Dutch still have work to do. For example, only 25% have sufficient water in the house. Less than a quarter (21%) can cook a hot meal on a battery or gas camping stove or grill and only (20%) have a battery-powered radio to listen to the news in an emergency.

More facilities for times of crisis
To be prepared for an energy crisis in the future, the Dutch could generate their own electricity with a solar system (36%) or buy more solar-powered devices (34%). People’s underlying fear is that they cannot afford rising energy prices. 40 percent fear they will have to make significant cuts in the coming winter due to rising prices. A third (30%) are afraid that they will no longer be able to heat their house in winter.

To avoid these horror scenarios, the Dutch want politicians to expand the electricity grid to make it more resilient (45%). They also want less dependence on foreign energy suppliers (43%) and a faster expansion of renewable energy (42%).

Christian Reinwald, Head of Marketing and Product Management at reichelt, explains: “People don’t just want to be prepared for emergencies. They also realize that an investment in energy-saving products pays for itself relatively quickly.”


More information:
On behalf of reichelt elektronik, the international research agency OnePoll surveyed more than 4,000 participants, of which 1,000 were from the Netherlands.

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