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Windows Firewall is an important functionality of Windows. This is a program that you can use to prevent software or targeted attempts to breach your PC via the Internet from being carried out. If you have problems booting your PC, it is important to enable this feature in Windows Firewall. Read how!

Tip 01: Fully automatic

If you regularly go to work and your PC no longer starts up, try a fully automatic system. You can only do this by restarting Windows 10 in a running mode.

From the Start menu (keyboard: tilde), select Start up and press the restart button to proceed to the problem overview. Then click Next to try a full system. You can also choose Recovery or search engine recovery toolsbut we advise you not to make any choices with this because these are unmodified programs that are usually repaired without problems by Windows 10 if it starts automatically.

Tip 02: From Windows

If your PC no longer starts up, you can also start it via USB stick. Go to “Start” and select “Information about computers“. Then click on the option “Parts of the computer“. Here you will find all the devices that are on the system, such as the hard drive, the webcam or the mouse. Now select the operating system your computer is on and click in the section “USB plug” to “Run programs by booting from USB stick.” Then click “Start“. So you can always return to Windows if you need to.

Tip 03: Installation DVD

Your laptop or PC may have one broken hard drive. In that case, it is important to purchase an installation DVD as soon as possible, which you can install on your computer. You can also always install a USB stick with Windows 10.

Tip 04: Live USB stick

  1. Turn off your PC and place your USB stick on top.
  2. Control the computer with the USB connector installed at the foot of the monitor.
  3. In Windows, click on “Start button” (or select the lower right corner of the Windows logo window).
  4. Enter your name, password and username at “Start up“.
  5. You can now also start directly by clicking on the symbol that appears near the USB plug.

Tip 05: Install image

If you can copy the computer, do so by managing it elsewhere and then restarting the computer immediately after turning it on (when you boot into Windows 10). You can come in Control panel->System and security->Administration>Kernel mode drivers>file system then select “Sign up to save“. You then demonstrate that you are willing to reinstate any deleted files that come from this section of the hard drive. Then select what you want to move to your second hard drive and click “Start saving“. It also brings all deleted files to your other location.

Tip 06: Startup repair

  1. Go to your PC’s BIOS settings. Open the menu “Connections” and click on “movie theater“.
  2. Click on the tab “Boot and recovery” and select “Starts when I start it up“. You can also choose a separate start button.
  3. Type a name in the window “Restart volumeand click OK. You can also choose a system restore program, for example Windows Fix & Restore or System Restore. Click the button below “Start the restart program“. You can select multiple programs by selecting them from the list at the bottom of the screen. If you need to switch between different keys you enter, always return to the window you were following to make sure you enter all the keys you want to use before continuing.

Tip 07: bcdboot

If your PC no longer starts, it’s important to know what exactly is causing it. Sometimes it can be the direct current motors in the lower part of your PC, but often it’s about something else. The problem can be caused by several reasons, such as a virus or spyware. If your computer should detect problems with something else, always try to see if your problem is caused by the computer itself lettering or damage onto your hard drive by moisture spots or scratches. If this doesn’t help, try doing a bcdboot and then follow the instructions that come with the bootloader.

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