China’s share of goods imports increased further in 2021

Imports of goods from China also increased 8.3 billion euros (21 percent) compared to 2020. Merchandise imports from China have grown at an average annual rate of 8.7 percent since 2015, while total merchandise imports grew by an average of 5.5 percent annually. This means that China has become increasingly important for Dutch goods imports. In 2015, China’s share of total goods imports was still 8.2 percent, by 2021 it had risen to 9.9 percent. Only from Germany was the import value of goods in 2021 higher than from China.

Imports for re-export dominated by high-tech products

Almost two thirds of the goods imported from China in 2021, the Netherlands left largely unchanged as re-exports (31.8 billion Euro). This re-export consists of raw materials and semi-finished products, but primarily high-tech end products such as computers (3.5 billion euros), phones (3.4 billion), monitors (1.9 billion), and microchips and semiconductors (1.9 billion). In 2021, imports for re-export of Chinese goods grew by 6.7 billion euros compared to 2020. This strong increase consisted, among other things, of a growth of 902 million imported phones to the value of euros, 614 million euros in semiconductors and microchips, and 312 million computers to the value of euros.