Should the wolf be banned from the Netherlands? The DVHN Youth Panel thinks so

The Netherlands and especially the Nordic countries are enchanted by the wolf. Should we be happy that he is back or chase him out of the country as soon as possible? The DVHN Youth Panel thinks so.

The wolf is back in the Netherlands, and not everyone is happy about it. Proponents see it as proof that our nature is moving in the right direction. According to sheep farmers and other critics, our country is too small and too crowded. According to them, there is no place for the wolf, they want him chased away with paintball guns and if necessary shot. Should the wolf be banned from the Netherlands?

Alisa Bos (16)

“I am of the opinion that the wolf should not be banned from the Netherlands. Man often has a tendency to control the uncontrollable, but I think chasing the wolf will ultimately have little effect.

Sooner or later the wolf will return and we will have the same discussion again. The wolf is in the Netherlands and I think we have to learn to live with it.

It will take some getting used to having to take into account possible wolves in the forests, but it will only have positive effects for biodiversity, for example.

Naturally, the wolf only hunts weakened or young animals and in this way the populations of its prey (pigs, deer, moose, etc.) are kept healthy. In addition, it is good that there is more diversity in animal species; this also keeps the ecosystem in the Netherlands healthy.

In addition, I firmly believe in animal rights. So I think it would be very unfair if the wolves had to be shot just because they are looking for a new habitat.

To protect society, I think it is important to put fences on the border of residential areas. In this way, the chance of a wolf suddenly walking into a residential area is greatly reduced. It will also prevent many accidents.”

Linda Aalderink (16)

“We’ve all seen the video of the wolf chasing a cyclist. Worrying, was the first word that came to mind. While experts say that wolves would never attack a human, it is understandable that many people still fear it. Various animals are attacked, from cows to sheep.

Despite the dangers that the wolf brings, there are mainly benefits to his return. The wolf contributes to biodiversity, it has an important place in the food chain. Animals such as red deer, red deer and boars now have a natural enemy again, the wolf mainly attacks weak and vulnerable animals within these populations. The carcasses that the wolf leaves behind are food for scavengers.

Nota bene, it is also true that the wolf previously only lived in Europe – and therefore in the Netherlands. He was then exterminated by a man. Since 1982, the wolf has been protected by law, which has led to its full return to our country.

Since the wolf naturally belongs in our country, I don’t think it should be banned. I think we should find a way to protect livestock from the wolf, but it doesn’t seem like an impossible mission to me.”

Vivian Mosquitoes (16)

“In the Netherlands, we are no longer used to real wild animals in our country. We also don’t have really large pieces of nature where these animals can settle down, but we now have the wolf here again.

On the one hand, I think we must protect the wolf so that nature in the Netherlands can be expanded again. On the other hand, I understand that people think he doesn’t belong here. Cattle are being attacked by the wolf and people are afraid that their children will encounter a wolf one day.

My opinion is that the wolf should stay. I think it is good for our nature since we already have so little. And how often does it happen that a child is attacked by a wolf?

The only problem we still have is that cattle are seen as easy prey by wolves. I’m neither an expert nor a farmer, so I have no idea how big this impact is, but for me personally, it doesn’t matter.

I think that we as Holland should be proud that the wolf has returned, because we must not forget that the wolf once lived here. Of course, our country was completely different then, but maybe the wolf is part of the Dutch nature.”

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