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This week and in the coming period there is much to experience at the library.

This week in the Voorschoten Library

Date Start time Activity / Consultation hour
Tue 15 Nov at 10.00 Digital consultation hour Voorschoten
Tue 15 Nov at 10.00 Forms Brigade Voorschoten
Tue 15 Nov 19.00 Health, Well-being & Room: Conscious movement
Wed 16 Nov 14.30 Reading in Voorschoten Library
Thu Nov 17 at 10.00 Language consultation class Voorschoten
Fri 18 Nov 13.00 Language café in Library Voorschoten
Fri 18 Nov 13.30 Financial Information Point (FIP)
Tue 22 Nov 19.00 Vitality: Baby massage is more than just touching

This week in Wassenaar Library
Date Start time Activity / Consultation hour
Sat 12 Nov 10.30 Reading in Wassenaar Library
Tue 15 Nov 14.00 Digital consultation time Wassenaar
Wed 16 Nov 19.00 The power of vitality – Mariska Koning
Thu 16 Nov 10.00 Linguistic consultation hour in Wassenaar Library
Fri 17 Oct 13.00 Language café in Library Voorschoten
Fri, 18 Nov, at 14. Game afternoon ‘Palaver’ for the elderly in Wassenaar Library
Sat 19 Nov 10.30 Reading in Wassenaar Library

Book sale: Are you looking for beautiful books for your own bookshelf?
We start the book sale in both places from Monday 14 November to Friday 25 November. Who knows, maybe there is something good for you! The book sale takes place during the library’s opening hours.

children’s yoga

Also so busy during this period? Take a break! In the festive month of December, when children are often extra busy and there are many impressions to process, we try to create a moment of rest. An hour where children can be themselves and be made aware of their bodies and thoughts.

Library Voorschoten Wednesday 7 December
14.00 | Age 5-7 years & 15:00 | Age 8-10 years

Wassenaar Library on Saturday 10 December
10.30 | Age 5-7 years & 11.30 | Age 8-10 years
Participation € 6.50, Tickets via obvw.nl/jeugd

BFF Night Misfit The Switch
Come to Filmhuis Wassenaar’s BFF Night with your besties during the Christmas holidays!
We show the movie Misfit the Switch, and before the movie and during the break you can take a picture with your bestie(s), make a delicious TikTok, dance together at the Silent Disco, make friendship bracelets and much more.

Tuesday 27 December at 18.30 at Filmhuis Wassenaar
Age 10-14 years

Workshop makes cartoons
For all young people who love comics and for those who didn’t know it yet! Esther Holtkamp has been an editor at Anders And Ugeblad for many years and explains how a cartoon is created in Anders And, and how you can also make a cartoon.
For example, do you have to be really good at drawing to make a cartoon? (Answer: no!) and what is an onomatopoeia? You will of course also want to start making your own cartoon. We are curious about your results!

Tuesday, December 6 | 16.00 | Wassenaar Library | Age 7 – 12 years | €7.50 per person
Tuesday 20 December | 16.00 | Voorschoten Library | Age 7 – 12 years | €7.50 per person
Tickets via obvw.nl/jeugd

Donald Duck

Library books Christmas workshop in Library Voorschoten
In the week of Green Friday and Non Shopping Day, we experience the most beautiful recycling adventures with Pop-Up Atelier ‘Mooi van Melissa’ with minimal resources. You can make original, unique Biebboek Christmas cards and festive star garlands from our old books that have been read to pieces.
The workshop is fun for everyone from 6 to 60+!
Wednesday 23 Nov | 14.00 | Voorschoten Library | €5.00 per person
Order your tickets via obvw.nl/jeugd

Workshop: Making Christmas cards with your tablet or smartphone
Do you send everyone a card for the holidays? With your smartphone, iPhone or tablet you can easily create your personal cards, learn how at the library! In the workshop you will learn to use your own photos, images and texts to make cards.
You can of course send this by e-mail, but also printed by post!
Tuesday, December 6 at 2 p.m. in the Voorschoten library
Members € 6.00, non-members € 8.00 including coffee/tea. Tickets via obvw.nl/leren.

Wassenaar cinema
Tickets at the counter or via obvw.nl/filmhuis.

Tutankhamun: The Last Exhibition
November marks 100 years since the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the pharaoh Tutankhamun’s burial chamber. Singer and musician Iggy Pop tells in Tutankhamun: The Last Exhibition about 150 of the treasures from the tomb of the pharaoh who died young. Part of the largest international exhibition ever dedicated to the ‘Golden Boy’.

Date Start Time Movie
Sun 13 Nov 12.30 Sinterklaas club and the race against the clock
Sun 13 Nov 15.00 Les Passagers de la Nuit
Mon 14 Nov 20.00 Ticket to Paradise
Tues 15 Nov 14.00 Tutankhamun: The last exhibition
Tue 15 Nov 20.00 Ticket to Paradise
Wed 16 Nov 14.00 The Sinterklaas club and the race against the clock
Wed Nov 16 at 20.00 Good luck to you, Leo Grande
Thu 17 Nov 13.30 Film club
Fri 18 Nov 20.00 Sea of ​​Time

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