Have you ever seen these special walls?

There is always something to see in Amsterdam. Everywhere and every day. The city is like a great work of art. Not only because of the old buildings, but also because of all the outdoor art. All over the city, artists have created huge murals. From well-known artists to budding artists. Different styles, different places. Time to discover them.

You may miss the sun and the good weather. But in this time it is good to go outside. Light and exercise can help counteract an autumn dip. Art and colors light up life. It’s nice to walk and cycle along Amsterdam’s murals and other outdoor art.

world famous

A number of murals in the city are unique and world famous. Such as the restored mural by the great artist Keith Haring on the grounds of the central market hall. He made the painting in 1986 when he was in Amsterdam for his solo exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum. Few of his murals have survived. That makes this painting extra special.

Stories from the neighborhood

Murals are often applied to places that could use some color. For example, on such a boring blank wall at the end of a building block. The artists usually come from the city or neighborhood. They tell the stories from the neighborhood and make visible what is happening in the neighborhood.

A tour of the city

We make a tour through the city and show you a beautiful mural from all parts of the city.


The Great Wall of China is a fairy tale wall full of animals on the side wall of Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 154. It has an owl, storks and a fox. In the center is a proud tomcat on an Amsterdammertje. It is Abatutu, the protagonist of the documentary Wild City. This film shows the diversity of Amsterdam animals through the eyes of a tomcat. The artist Gerti Bierenbroodspot painted them for the children playing in the adjacent park. The park was created in the 1970s after the demolition of 2 buildings. There were plans for a hotel, but local residents did not like new construction and successfully protested.


Amsterdam icon Anne Frank inspired Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra to create this mural. The work on the NDSM quay is no less than 240 square meters in size and is painted on the quay’s old welding shed. The portrait was named ‘Let me be myself’. It urges everyone to be released and respect each other’s identities.


An artwork within an artwork on the side wall of Zeeburgerdijk 49. If you look closely at this London Police mural, you will see a canal house with a mural on the right. This is the mural that the British duo living in Amsterdam previously did on Prinsengracht 70. In the background the well-known windmill in Oost and the Amsterdam canals with houseboats.


Amsterdam Southeast will expand significantly in the coming years. The ArenAPoorten is also changing. It will be a lively city quarter where living, working and entertainment are central. Residents and young people from the neighborhood thought about the future of the area together with the artist Munir de Vries. Together they made sketches of graffiti. These were at the ‘Cradle of Growth’ at Bijlmerplein 876.


The artist Richard Kofi has created a huge mural on the side wall of the De Boeg care center, Hoofdweg 495. The people depicted on the facade are inspired by residents of the complex. The eye above the people stands for residents and/or business partners who are unfortunately no longer there. With the ‘Walls of West’ project, West has got a lot of beautiful murals.

New West

‘Memories’ by Colombian artist Bastardilla on Dr. H. Colijnstraat is about how the neighborhood has changed over time. The woman on the right looks at the colorful birds. The birds symbolize the diversity of the district. The artwork was created after conversations with local residents. Their stories and experiences are central to the work.


Brazilian (wall) artists regularly come to Amsterdam. The project ‘Reflexo on Urban Art’ (RUA) lights up places that could use some colour. Artist Rimon Guimarães started working in 2012 in the Havenstraat, between the former prison and the tram depot. He transformed a side wall into this colorful work of art. Guimarães also painted the side wall of the Homoed apartment in Zuidoost.


There are no known murals in Weesp. In the playground on Sinnigvelderstraat you can find a panel painting that looks like a real art form. It is not known who the creator is and what the background of this painting is.

Photos: Sanne Couprie

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