Judge: Lil Kleine donated two watches to Jaimie Vaes

Rapper Lil Kleine arrives at court in Amsterdam.Picture ANP

The case concerns the distribution of several items, especially three expensive watches, which are now in a safe with the rapper. After a while, the referee sent both parties out into the hallway to see if they could come to an agreement, but it proved to be in vain. The judge then said that two watches are a gift from him to her and therefore should go to Jaimie.

Actually, it doesn’t matter. On January 4, the judge can rule on all points, but the case can also be adjourned again so that both sides can present more evidence about what belongs to whom and why. It’s also possible they’ll come out in the meantime – the two have until November 30 to do so – but that chance seems slim.

Lil Kleine, real name Jorik Scholten, walked away smiling. “This doesn’t say anything yet.” The safe with the watches will remain closed until further notice.

Louis Vuitton and toaster

Several items were sent to court on Monday morning: suitcases, a Louis Vuitton bag, a blender from a sponsorship deal, a toaster, a kettle, crockery, Playstation controllers and throw pillows. To promote the Smeg brand, Jaimie posted posts using the devices, she said. “He didn’t. I brought these appliances with me so I could toast bread in my new house.”

Lil Kleine’s lawyer said in his speech: “She has started shopping. Everything about him disappeared in her grasping hands, documented by her reality series cameras. She must return the goods in good condition.”

The lawyer could not refrain from mentioning some of the destruction that Vaes allegedly caused in his house. A carpet was damaged, pictures too, there were burn marks on the sofa and then there was a note with it ‘Go fuck yourself’. The lawyer also acknowledged that the rapper did not behave like the best family man.


The two arrived at court in Amsterdam on Monday morning. Lil Kleine 20 minutes ahead of Jaimie. They kept far apart in the hall, she hiding behind her sunglasses, he a little further away, but looked at her for a moment. He could still laugh a little now and then. Not her.

Vaes has been in the media, especially in his reality series Jaimie: In The Vaes Lane, several times raving about the three watches, including two Rolexes. Vaes claims the items were given as gifts during their relationship, while the rapper now denies it. “You know: if he gave something, it had to be filmed from all angles. Because Jorik was so good to his wife. And now it is said in black and white in an e-mail that it is simply not true,’ said Vaes in his reality series.

Jaimie told the suit on Monday morning how she got a watch “five minutes after she gave birth to their son.” “I received a gift on the hospital bed, which was a clock with an inscription.” She got a second watch on her birthday in 2018. She had to lease the first watch for a while (‘not out of necessity, well, kind of necessity’) when she came to live alone in Ibiza with her son.

Jaimie has custody of their child. According to her lawyer, this would also mean that she would also be preoccupied with her son’s fortune. The third watch was given to their son when they were in Dubai.

“You wouldn’t give a five-minute kid a watch, would you?”

Jorik Scholten, the real name of Lil Kleine, responded to Jaimie’s story that ‘he bought the watches for his child’. “Every watch I bought, I did with the intention of one day giving it to my child. She was allowed to wear them as long as she was in a relationship with me.”

Jaimie disputes it again: “He really didn’t say: you can look nice on it, but it’s not yours. You wouldn’t give a 5-minute-old a watch, would you?” Then it was a while about metal watch straps, gift tax due (Jaimie: ‘I didn’t know that, I’ll still do it when they come to me’) and pictures and videos that should or should not show that they are gifts.went.


Vaes decided to end his relationship with ex-fiancé Lil Kleine, whose real name is Jorik Scholten, a few months ago. In February, pictures were leaked showing how Scholten clamps Vaes’ head between a car door. She later filed a complaint of violence. The investigation into that case is still ongoing. Scholten and Vaes have a son Lío together.

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