Vibrant Brabant 2030 – North Brabant province

With the political framework for the period 2023-2030, the province shows what the 4 sectors Culture, Heritage, Sport and Leisure are worth, how they together contribute to what residents, visitors, companies and social institutions find important. In addition, Levendig Brabant 2030 shows how the four sectors respond in an integrated manner to important trends and current social conditions.

4 sectors

“This new policy framework is necessary because the current policy framework is outdated. In addition, there are all kinds of social developments, such as COVID and the energy crisis, which in some cases have permanently changed the environment for culture, heritage, sport and leisure,” said Deputy Stijn Smeulders. “The new track rests on the solid foundation that has been laid in recent years. Lively Brabant 2030 outlines the policy for the coming years and indicates what is already good and works and at the same time sets new accents. Where the 4 sectors will work integratedly and in a closer context, use each other’s strengths, create smart crossovers and keep an eye on the individuality of these sectors. With the added value this creates, we are able to further increase the social impact of the province’s efforts.” The new policy framework Vivid Brabant 2030 is available via

Needs and wishes

In the development of Lively Brabant 2030, discussions were held with the inhabitants of Brabant and with businesses, social institutions and regional organizations from the four sectors. Deputy Smulders: “The needs and wishes of Brabant people are central to this new policy. An important conclusion from the discussions is that the residents want to be proud of their surroundings and what happens there. Brabant people also find it important that as many as possible can and are allowed to participate, even if it is not always easy due to all possible circumstances. Vibrant Brabant does not share, but invites.”

5 goals

With this new political framework, the province wants to be attractive and vibrant for everyone, be distinctive and innovative and create a significant connection to the major societal tasks. Based on this, 5 goals have been formulated.

  • Briefly, the 1st goal is that there is a suitable offer for everyone: in 2030, the product and service offer of the 4 sectors will meet the needs of people from Brabant, foreign employees and visitors. The offer helps make Brabant an attractive and pleasant place to live and work.
  • The second goal is an inclusive offer: for each Brabant there is a suitable offer in the fields of culture, cultural heritage, sports and leisure. Also for target groups that are not yet or insufficiently reached.
    The 3rd objective is aimed at innovation and renewal: the 4 sectors are vital and have sufficient space and opportunities to innovate. This is linked to Brabant’s innovative profile.
  • The 4th goal is aimed at young people and talent development: Young people are broadly stimulated by the range of culture, heritage and sport. Top talents contribute to the renewal of the offer and are given the opportunity to develop in their first step towards a professional practice.
  • The 5th objective is that Levendig Brabant contributes culture, heritage, sport and leisure to a healthy and attractive environment to live, work and relax. An environment where there is plenty to do and experience, and where cultural history is preserved and linked to social tasks.


With this policy framework, which the provincial council is expected to decide on in mid-December 2022, the province shows its strategic choices for the 4 sectors. Deputy Smoulders: “I emphasize that it is about our election, the province of North Brabant, with which we make a significant contribution to the facilities in Brabant, in addition to an important contribution from municipalities, commercial parties and other organizations. “
Commitment to more state funds for Brabant and coordination with municipalities to arrive at a Brabant offer, the concept of the storylines in the heritage sector and bringing top sports events to Brabant: It will remain in place. “We also protect the solid foundation in the 4 sectors with our implementing organisations. But we want to increase their impact with better programmatic management. The new weights that will be placed will mainly be related to more sharpness in the position and role that the province chooses in addition to the statutory duties. Always remember where and how we as a province can make a difference”, says Deputy Smulders.

Agenda for implementation

The political framework established by the provincial council then sets the course for the implementation agendas 2024-2027 and 2028-2031, which the provincial government will determine in the second quarter of 2023 and in 2027 respectively. The so-called Implementation Agendas answer the question of what budgets are available , and which concrete activities will be developed in the coming years up to 2030 to achieve the 5 goals. In the way that the 4 sectors work on an even more lively Brabant.

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