WEG Holland pursues sustainable growth • AT-Drive technology

The WEG Netherlands Relations Day in connection with the 20th anniversary was opened by Werner Lievens, CEO WEG Benelux (photos: Paul Quaedvlieg)

Last week, WEG Holland celebrated its 20th anniversary. The company celebrated this together with its customers, some Belgian colleagues and even a delegation from the Brazilian Embassy on the Skydeck at Teuge Airport. In addition to looking back to the beginning in 2002, we also looked at the challenges of today and the future. Guest speaker, TV weatherman and meteorologist Reinier van den Berg gave an interesting presentation about climate change, its threats, but also the opportunities it gives us. And attention was paid to electric flight!

WEG Benelux CEO Werner Lievens opened the afternoon. “WEG was founded in Brazil in 1961 and has since established itself as a fixture in the industry worldwide. WEG Holland was founded in 2022. Back then with 2 employees, now there are 20. At WEG Benelux we now work with 70 people in total. And that’s not all. We will continue to invest in people and new products.”

70,000 electric motors per day

Then Martijn Brinks, Commercial Branch Manager for WEG Netherlands, took over and continued to discuss the impressive production figures and technical innovations. “WEG now produces electric motors, frequency converters and gearboxes from 15 countries and 52 production sites. This is about 70,000 electric motors and 6,000 frequency converters per day. WEG Nederland works with various distributors to sell and service these products in the Netherlands. For the low-voltage motors, it is B&P Electric Motors, Duursma W&O, EN Motors, Eriks and MAK Aandrijftechniek (gearboxes). In addition, we have several service partners for our low and high voltage products, namely Bakker Repair Sliedrecht, Emri in Ede and Facta.”

WEG Holland had rented the Skydeck in Teuge for its 20th anniversary

Strong growth in frequency converters

In 2017, WEG Holland celebrated its 15th anniversary. At that time, some goals were set for the future, such as solid growth in low-voltage motors and a focus on frequency converters, soft starters and gearboxes. “In five years we have sold 40% more low voltage motors, our order management has expanded and we have our own after sales team,” says Brinks. “We have achieved 210% volume growth for frequency converters, we also have a dedicated sales and service team here, we provide training to customers on a monthly basis and we have expanded our stock.

New products

Brinks also showed various new products. WEG introduces different types of WECM motors, one 1-phase motor (frame IEC80, up to 1.1 kW) and two types of 3-phase motors (frame IEC80, IEC100 up to 4kW, frame IEC132, 4 to 7.5 kW) . The W51 HD comes in the class of medium and high voltage motors. “This motor features increased power density, larger heat dissipation surface and flexible terminal box position,” explains Brinks. Effects range from 132kW to 1,400kW and voltages from 380V to 11,000V. “And for the Watt Drive gearboxes, we are introducing the WG20S, a spiral worm gearbox, with torques from 132Nm to 1437Nm. We are also entering the high power and heavy duty market with WG50 industrial gearboxes.”

Electric flight? Three electric planes are ready at Teuge airport

An important growth market for WEG Holland is frequency converters. The parent company in Brazil also takes care of the necessary development there. Brinks: “We have recently added the CFW900 series to our portfolio, a brand new series from 2.8A to 760A. They have an increased power density and therefore smaller frames. And most importantly, suitable for all industrial communication protocols and ready for Industry 4.0 technology.”

Business unit Digital & Systems

On 1 September this year, WEG internationally introduced a new business unit, WEG Digital & Systems. According to Menno Kuipers, Business Unit Manager and Peter Klunder, Outside Sales Engineer, this is an important new pillar in the company. “Digitalisation is happening everywhere at the moment. It is important to connect motors and drives to the IT layer. In addition, it is also necessary to automate more and use data for an optimal return.”

WEG Motion Fleet Management

Both gentlemen mention, among other things, the introduction of WEG Motion Fleet Management as an important tool for data collection. “We have installed this system in our Wiring Plant in Brazil, where a total of 340 sensors with 9 gateways are active. This resulted in an overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of 7 percent over a three-year period. Corresponding to an investment of 4.5 million euros to expand the production line.”

Interest in electric flight was great among those invited

Climate change awareness

The well-known Dutchman, TV weather forecaster but especially meteorologist Reinier van den Berg gave an impressive speech about climate change. Van den Berg is also the initiator of the Care for Climate Foundation, which focuses on technologies and methods to limit CO2 emissions in the world. He makes an effort worldwide to make people aware of climate problems.

“Climate change is global, it’s happening fast, and it’s getting worse,” he began his speech in Teuge. “But it also gives us opportunities if we are open to it.” From more nature, forests and trees in urban environments to sustainable energy, energy savings, nuclear energy and a circular economy; everything was clearly explained by van den Berg.

E-Flight Academy

For many people, electric flight is still a long way off. However, there are already several small planes that are actually flown. It is also possible at Teuge. At the E-Flight Academy it is possible to follow a course, to request a trial lesson in electric flight or to give it as a gift. During the WEG relations day, guests were given a tour and were informed about electric flight. And a trial hour of electric flight was raffled among the customers of WEG Holland.

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