95,000 euro grant for cultural initiatives in Haarlem

In the third round of the year, the Cultuurstimuleringsfonds in the municipality of Haarlem distributed more than 95,000 euros to 24 cultural projects in Haarlem.

The money goes to, among others, Haarlem’s circus theater company WIRWAR, their latest performance HOKJE is about differences and especially similarities between boys and girls. Patronaat receives funding for the Rob Acda Award, a professional music competition for promising musicians from Haarlem. The I mit Nabolag foundation receives funding for their cultural initiative Hviskehuse, who, together with children from grades 7 and 8, talk to the elderly in their neighborhood about the time when they themselves were young. These stories are brought to life with the help of actors, musicians, image and sound.

The project grants from the Cultuurstimuleringsfonds are awarded three times a year by the municipality of Haarlem. Cultural organizations and cultural creators can receive funding for a special project in Haarlem in the fields of art, culture, cultural education and talent development. In 2022, E 325,000 was available for project grants, of which 95,175 for the 3rd round. In this last round, 43 applications were submitted for an amount of more than 200,000. So much more was requested than was available. An independent committee assessed the applications.

Culture for and by everyone
Culture councilor Diana van Loenen: “There is a wonderful diversity of art and culture in Haarlem. We can stimulate both professional and amateur art with this.“With this subsidy, many choirs and orchestras can, among other things, perform their concerts. For example, the Doulce Memoire Chamber Choir closes its 50th anniversary in early 2023 with an anniversary concert.

More well-being through culture
The projects contribute to the ambitions of Haarlem’s Cultural Plan 2022-2028, such as art and culture for all, strengthening cultural education and strengthening the connection between culture, care and welfare. Among other things, the money goes to De Schuur for the theater project Future Citizens Haarlem, which focuses on connecting (former) refugees, the professional field and the theater sector. The Marea Foundation creates location theater with a mix of Dutch and immigrants on the theme of loneliness in the project ‘Teer but tough’. Together with students from Haarlem, Noord-Holland’s Archief is developing an audio tour with stories about women in the resistance from the city where they also live and study.

Awarded project grants 3rd round 2022:

  • Haarlem Bach Ensemble, Performance Johannes Passion together with Rudolf Steiner College, E 3,000
  • Women’s choir Hear her, Adventures and adventures, E 900
  • Jan van Eeden, The Burden of Your Descent (working title), E 938
  • Vocal Ensemble Quartz, Concert Buxtehude/Pärt, E1,500
  • Doulce Memoire, Doulce Memoire 50th anniversary concert, E 2,000
  • Stichting TOHUDK Haarlem Out Art, Haarlem Out Art, E 1,500
  • North Holland Archive, The Many Faces of Women in Resistance in Haarlem, E 4,500
  • WIRWAR Productions Foundation, HOKJE, E 5,000
  • Ecoring Haarlem Foundation, Autumn Festival, E 1,000
  • Miep Diesel Foundation, War Diary Miep Diesel, an ordinary girl in an extraordinary time, E 2,500
  • Foundation in my neighborhood – Haarlem, Whispering houses, E 14,000
  • Stichting de Toneelschuur, Future Citizens Haarlem, E 22,000
  • Stichting Kleinvrouwenkoor Baba Jaga, winter concert Baba Jaga, E 500
  • Stichting Marea, Tender but tough, E 4,937
  • Stadsschouwburg and Philharmonie Haarlem, Moby Dick, E 6,000
  • Tommy Zwartjes (Puncher Comedy Club), Comedy shows, E 3,900
  • Patronage Foundation, Rob Acda Awards, E 7,500
  • Martijn Petrus, Organic Matters, E 2,000
  • Mirjam Hijstek, Magical Powers – Shamanism and Art, E 2,500
  • Emily Jenkins, Women Dancing, E 2,000
  • Neide Bastos, Kunstnest (professional practice support), E 2,000
  • Ruben Voortman, pilot episode of The Harry Edka Show (professional practice support), E 1,000
  • Marianne Hotske Hamersma, Ultra sensational aggression & plastic drops (professional practice support), E 2,000
  • Bianca Bongers, Release concert. Debut album Bianca Bongers (professional practice support), E 2,000

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