Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: Auke Hulst, Tim Akkerman, old maps of Anloo, mischievous pranks in Klazienaveen and the Japanese trio KUUNATIC

Travel with Auke Hulst, come and listen to Tim Akkerman and The Ivy Leagues, learn about old maps of Anloo, listen to anecdotes about pranks in Klazienaveen or come to a concert with the Japanese trio KUUNATIC.

Traveling centipede Auke Hulst

It was in 2012 when the book Children of the harsh land van Auke Hulst was in the bookstores for the first time. Hulst is now ten years later, and he has shown the world that he is at home in all markets. From literary critic to essayist, from writer to musician; Hulst follows the paths on which he can express his creative brain. His theater performance Travelers in the rough land contains more than just words. In stories, pictures and songs he takes viewers and listeners from the Groningen landscape to The Great Wide Open of the American road.

He tells a story of wanderlust, dead heroes and a father who died young. He does this mainly on the basis of his travel book, which has won the Bob den Uyl prize Motel songs , which was released in 2017 and the songs from the accompanying album. Hulst wrote this record on the road, recording the songs in American motel rooms. In addition, his performance includes new music that he wrote during the lockdown. Auke Hulst can be seen in De Klinker van Winschoten on Thursday.

Winschoten – De Klinker, Thu 20.15, 12.50 euros

A new light on old maps

Paul Brood and Geny van Horssen demonstrate in the Magnus lecture how the centuries-long development of the landscape can be visualized surprisingly well. This can be done on the basis of historical maps, paintings and drawings, in combination with modern techniques. The annual lecture is organized by the association Historisch Anloo, Friends of the Magnuskerk, the Protestant municipality of Zuidlaren-Anloo and the Rondom Magnus Foundation.

Brood will use maps and other graphics to show how the ‘map of the Netherlands’ has changed figuratively over time. Van Horssen then presents his landscape biography of the Anloo area, specifically focused on the Ter Borgh estate. Reservations can be made via magnuslezing@historischanloo.nl.

Anloo – Magnuskerk, Wednesday at 20, 12.50 euros

The psychedelic Japanese trio KUUNATIC

The Japanese trio KUUNATIC comes to Groningen for a concert on Vera’s stage. The three members all have completely different musical and cultural backgrounds. KUUNATIC integrates psychedelics with traditional Japanese music, resulting in its own unique sound. The whirlwind of heavy psychedelic beats combined with extended guitars and a tribal overtone creates a clash between two worlds.

This collision creates an elusive sound. The debut The gate to Klüna was released last year through Glitterbeat Records and was produced by Tim DeWit (Gang Gang Dance). The album shows an enchanting and genre-crossing sound world.

Groningen – Vera, Wed 20 hours, 11 euros

Anecdotes about rascals and pranks

The Historical Klazienaveen Foundation organizes its annual historical evening on Thursday. This time the event is celebrated as usual in Esdal College Klazienaveen. The evening’s theme is “Klabats! Accidents and smugglers”. Beautiful, light-hearted and often funny stories are told about petty crime, pranks and smugglers that took place in Klazienaveen and the surrounding area.

In addition to countless anecdotes, there is a performance by the alternative percussion group Klabats. They provide a musical interpretation for the evening in a surprising way. Tickets are available at historicalklazienaveen.nl or at the Klazienaveen library.

Klazienaveen – Esdal Højskole, Thu 19-21.30, 5 euros

Musical journey with Tim Akkerman

Tim Akkerman and his band The Ivy League come with an ode to rock music. He makes a musical journey in his performance, which can be seen in Stadskanaal on Thursday. From heavy rock to completely acoustic, via the music of Buddy Holly, his great hero Bruce Springsteen, to many new songs of his own.

Common to the two decades in which Tim Akkerman has been making music is that Akkerman always strives for a refined and musical evening at the highest level. In between the songs, Akkerman tells funny anecdotes and touching stories.

Stadskanaal – Theater Geert Teis, Thursday at 20, 24.50 euros

You can find more excursions at dvhn.nl/uitagenda.

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl.

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