One more ounce for Midden-Delfland!

During Landscape Day on Friday 11 November 2022, the mid-term evaluation of the Special Provincial Landscape Midden-Delfland was discussed. This advice calls for a better safeguarding of the spatial quality and for strengthening the connection with the urban environment. The implementation program also received attention. This will be made concrete in the coming years.

Half-way evaluation: ‘Can it be an ounce more’

In the Halfweg council, Harm Veenenbos, who had previously advised on the designation of Midden-Delfland as a special provincial landscape as provincial advisor on spatial quality, concludes that this designation has encouraged the parties to engage more strongly in this area. The task of better securing the spatial quality and strengthening the attachment to the urban environment has not really started in recent years. He therefore advises to give the development of this particular provincial landscape more focus in terms of content, speed it up and become more decisive in the coming years. Both the Landscape Table and the province share the conclusions and recommendations of this advisory report, which also calls for more manpower and resources and better grounding in policy.

Marja van Bijsterveldt, chairperson of the Landskabbordet: We have to get started with the recommendations. Midden-Delfland is a beautiful ancient polder landscape, with special farmers, nature and history. Where people can walk, bike, sail and hopefully skate again this winter. Our precious backyard for the 2.3 million people in our region to enjoy!

Implementation programme: rest and enjoyment in an experiential, natural and vital agricultural landscape

The implementation program outlines how the parties wish to better protect and strengthen the qualities of the Midden-Delfland Special Provincial Landscape. Here, the emphasis is on circular farming with cows and black-tailed deer in the pasture and unique nature where the otter feels at home. And on a recreational landscape, where people from the city, young and old, like to go for a walk, cycle, play or simply stay to enjoy the peace and space. Examples from the implementation program are: a bicycle and eco-duct over the A13, an attack plan for the big scoot, construction of play forests in the recreational areas and the establishment of a dairy factory so that the townspeople can buy their milk and cheese directly. from the farmer.

Deputy Meindert Stolk, Agriculture and horticulture: Agriculture has several meanings in a rural area, both as a food producer, manager of an attractive landscape and socio-economically. . It is nice to see that there is good cooperation between farmers, governments and social organizations in the Landscape Table Special Provincial Landscape Midden-Delfland. It helps us as a province to develop a land approach within the framework of the national rural program aimed at enhancing nature, water quality and combating land subsidence. The quality of the residential environment is also being looked at more broadly.”

The members of the Landscape Board BPL Midden-Delfland

In addition to the municipality of Midden-Delfland, recreational, nature and landscape areas in the municipalities of Lansingerland, Pijnacker-Nootdorp, Delft, Rotterdam, Schiedam, Vlaardingen, Maassluis and Westland are also part of this special provincial landscape. All these municipalities are part of the Landscape Table, together with the Province of South Holland, Delfland Water Board, LTO Noord Delflands Groen, Natuurmonumenten, Staatsbosbeheer, Zuid-Hollands Landschap and Midden-Delfland Association.

The Landscape Day was organized by the Midden-Delfland Association (MDV), supported by the Landscape Table Special Provincial Landscape Midden-Delfland and the province of South Holland. MDV chairman Koos Karssen was pleased with the high turnout and looks back on a successful afternoon, partly thanks to the efforts of many volunteers. “I owe them a lot of thanks.”

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