Unique work at the exhibition ‘Art with glass’ in Museum Lunteren


FURNISHING Impressive old cathedrals are famous for the beautiful stained glass windows. This artistic technique can be seen during the exhibition ‘Art with glass’ in Museum Lunteren next to modern works by the artists Truusje Kuenen and Ewout Vis.

The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands has loaned 23 special historical stained glass windows from its depository to the Museum Lunteren, including windows from the nineteenth century.

The familiar name from this collection is HP Berlage. “We are showing a number of beautiful stained glass windows with geometric patterns in different colored faceted glass by him. We are exhibiting part of a church window by PJH Cuypers that was made in 1884. It is possible that this window comes from Sint Hippolytuskerk in Delft. The entire collection is very diverse, colorful and a number of windows have never been exhibited before. We are therefore very proud to show this unique collection. It is a very fragile material, so it had to be fitted with gloves on,” says Corrie Spijker, who was responsible for the realization together with Wout van Veldhuizen.

PROFESSIONAL With this exhibition, we show the development from classic glass art to contemporary works. This exhibition is very professional in design because we have engaged external people for this. They have contributed enormously, and this is how very beautiful light tables have been created. This is reflected in the appearance, so we also expect more visitors from the country,” explains Wout.

There is also a digital lecture with explanation, which can be seen and listened to in the museum. A stained glass window is by Roland Holst. It is a non-figurative composition, composed of rounded shapes of blue and yellow. In a very large stained glass window by Henri van der Stok, visitors recognize the spectacular scene of ‘Saint George and the Dragon’. Floodlights at the back ensure that the flaming colors come out well. A triptych depicts religious scenes starring the apostle Peter and Jesus, including symbolic objects.

Wout has an anecdote about a pair of beautiful windows that come from Jachtslot Sint Hubertus at Park De Hoge Veluwe. “They found them in the basement because Helene Kröller-Müller always rejected the windows because she found them too light or too dark.”

Glass artist Ewout Vis makes wall panels and flat glass objects. “The essence of the glass emerges most strongly in the fracture plane, hard, sharp and sparkling. This expressive side of the glass is the starting point for my work. With the unexpected beauty of this everyday material, I create images that are not about glass, but are inspired by the essence of glass,” explains the artist.

PASSION Truusje Kuenen makes pieces of stained glass and tiffany (very fine lines of plastic) with great passion. In addition to her own study, she has taught at the Creativity Center De Brink in Nijkerk since 2008. Her collection is supported by works by Greet Termaat, Rita van Rijn and amateur glaze masters. One has a passion for traditional glass mosaic, the other warms up to glass mosaic, which we know from the houses of the thirties, and another goes to freelance work.

The variety of artworks by Truusje Kuenen and students is great, while clearly having a modern slant. The display case is full of gaiety, including playful little birds with very big eyes and a separate place for a series of Christmas scenes of the manger in the stable. “It’s very colorful and it appeals,” says Corrie.

Touching is not recommended because the artworks by Vis from Westervoort are razor sharp. The glass panels are glued with water glass, the organizers explain. “The glare attracted him because the light shines differently on the glass per part of the day.” The statuette of Johan Noordmans, who donated a large amount to the new wing of the museum, keeps an eye on things so that the art does not get damaged.

There will be demonstrations at Keunen on Saturday afternoon 19 November, 17 December and 14 January. Enthusiasts can also follow workshops at set times. ‘Art with glass’ can be seen until 4 March 2023 at Museum Lunteren, Dorpsstraat 55. More info: www.museumlunteren.nl.

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