ANF ​​Today, the women of Kurdistan are taking revenge for 5,000 years of patriarchy

The PKK has given important answers in women’s liberation struggles and represents the hope of freedom for countless women, emphasizes Jiyan Reşit, head of the women’s guerrilla YJA Star in an interview with ANF News Agency.

On the occasion of the upcoming celebration of the establishment of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party on November 27, Jiyan Reşit, one of the leaders of the female guerrilla group YJA Star, talks about the importance of the PKK in the struggle for women’s freedom.

the interview was published by the news agency ANF and reads as follows;

What significance did the establishment of the PKK have for Kurdish women?

“First of all, in honor of our party’s founding day on November 27, I would like to [Abdullah Öcalan] especially our fallen for freedom, the Kurdish people, those who joined the PKK with full sacrifice and conviction of victory and oppose all modern weapon technologies and fight fiercely in their positions, and those who resist in the dungeons of fascism in Kemal’s line. (Pir), Mazlûm (Doğan) and Sara (Sakine Cansız).

In the history of Kurdistan, there have been many rebellions against different states. These uprisings showed the dignified attitude of Kurdish women led by women like Zarife, Rindexan, Besê and Mother Gulnaz who did not want to surrender to the murderous patriarchal mentality. They sacrificed themselves in battle and wrote history, leaving a strong legacy for the women of Kurdistan. At the very beginning of the formation of the PKK, Rêber Apo involved Kurdish women in the freedom struggle despite all social condemnations. Taboos created by the patriarchal exploitation mentality were destroyed by Rêber Apo’s ideological struggle. With the PKK, the reality of women fighting for themselves was revealed to the woman who had to live for individual service to and to please the man. The Kurdish woman has started the search for an answer to the question “How to live?” and stimulated to their own background.

When the PKK first appeared, by joining the fight, our friend Sara denied the patriarchal state thinking that said women could not fight. Her participation in the struggle as a founding member of the PKK and her practical activity made not only Kurdish women but all women put their hearts and dreams into this struggle. For this reason, the PKK, based on Rêber Apo’s thoughts and our friend Sara’s practice, has become a source of inspiration for the call for freedom for all women. In all areas of life, the PKK has given the perfect answer to the question of how Kurdish women should live. Also, the creation of the PKK not only answered the question “How to live?”, but also embodied the new Kurdish female personality, marching towards freedom with a strong will.

“The freedom struggle is based on women”

The women of Kurdistan joined the PKK not only in response to the patriarchal mentality, but also because they believed they could build their own lives and believed in their own strength. Because in the history of Kurdish women, there is a line of resistance that does not bow to domination. The women of Kurdistan created thousands of people like Zîlan, Bêritan, Sema, Sara, Bêrîvan and Delal Nûrhak by creating a new type of free woman in the PKK. Women’s encounter with the modern apoist ideology of freedom and the strength they derive from their historical roots has created great values ​​for Kurdish society and women. Based on the ideology of liberation and its historical connection with the defense of freedom, Kurdish women’s resistance to all forms of femicide and destruction of society is growing. This women’s resistance reaches from the mountains to the plains. Today, the women of Kurdistan are taking revenge for 5,000 years of patriarchy by finding the life they are looking for in the PKK and building their own.

“A culture of freedom arose”

By building their own lives on the ideology of women’s liberation, women also contribute to the democratic construction of society. Today, the brave women of Kurdistan are organizing a new lifestyle based on democratic modernity with their own strength and determination and are thus a source of inspiration for women worldwide, which is also reflected in YJA Star. This strengthens the conviction of Kurdish women and all women in the Middle East to organize democratic life on their own and through their own efforts. They have created a culture of freedom against the prevailing mentality of the state, which says that women cannot live freely.

What was the significance of the creation of the PKK for the Middle East?

The Tigris and Euphrates river basin, where the society of the Middle East is located, has produced many cultures and societies. The East, the root of human culture, has in its endless history created a permanent resistance to the capitalist system, even as the region was constantly attacked and plundered by the hegemonic powers. Despised and undervalued despite being the main center of civilizations, these countries have witnessed all the wars of the past millennia. For centuries, the ruling powers have tried to maintain power in this region through a policy of “divide and rule” and pitting people against each other. With the PKK, the entire cultural richness of Middle Eastern society, based on its own historical reality, was laid bare. So with Rêber Apo’s ideology, both the Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East have found their own values. In this way, the PKK has shown how people find themselves and assume their own identity. Against the nation-state mentality, which fragmented and transformed the beliefs and cultures of the peoples of the Middle East, the PKK, with its paradigm that will unite and liberate the entire Middle East, laid the foundation for the struggle for democracy.

“Building a democratic society is not a dream”

On November 27, 1978, when the PKK was founded, the nations came together and fought together for freedom. This shows that building a democratic society is not a distant dream. The fact that PKK fighters come from different nations and fight and die together for the same cause shows this reality. In this sense, the PKK’s struggle is also the people’s joint march towards freedom. For this reason, November 27 is not only the feast of the resurrection of the Kurdish people, but also the feast of the March to Freedom for the peoples of the Middle East. The PKK is also an expression of the meeting between all peoples, both with their own history of struggle for freedom and with other peoples. Therefore, this is not only a limited struggle that frees the Kurdish people, but also a struggle that creates values ​​to bring people closer together and their freedom. The PKK’s struggle is the struggle of all humanity for a free life and takes shape in Kurdistan. The PKK has resisted war and genocide in the Middle East by creating great human values ​​and waging a ruthless fight against injustice. It opposes genocide and capitalist modernity by promoting the construction of a democratic modernity in the struggle for freedom.

How is the legacy of the PKK reflected in today’s women’s struggle?

From the first day until today, the PKK’s struggle has created great values ​​for all peoples. It was the PKK that brought out the power of Kurdish women and united women with their own dynamism. This force became an example for women’s struggle worldwide. The PKK’s 50-year struggle tradition and the women’s armed forces’ 30-year struggle have created great values ​​for both humanity and women. These values ​​created by the freedom struggle are reflected in many areas of today’s freedom struggle.

“YJA Star fights for all women”

Today, YJA Stars and HPG’s resistance against chemical weapons and advanced technology is a concrete expression of this. The legacy of resistance created by the PKK has led to a strong belief in freedom among YJA Star fighters. YJA Star’s opposition to the AKP/MHP and KDP, itself a puppet of Turkish fascism, is a special example of unparalleled historical opposition. YJA Star shows for the first time worldwide how to resist such massive use of technology. In this unique resistance, the PKK fighters have sworn victory. They are determined and fight hard. It is important to know that YJA Star is fighting in the mountains today for all oppressed people and women who are victims of harassment, rape and all forms of patriarchal violence on a daily basis. It is Sara and Rûken who fought for revenge with great heart and determination, who without hesitation or hesitation fought against fascism, YJA Star is the name of PKK’s 50-year tradition of resistance. With her own strength, her professional fighting tactics and her own efforts, she teaches the enemy a lesson. As YJA Star, we say that the last word has not yet been said on Erdoğan, his junior partner MHP and their KDP puppets. On this occasion, I call on all young women to go to the mountains, embrace freedom and together to overthrow fascism, secure Rêber Apo’s physical freedom and build our own lives.”

Source: ANF News Agency

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