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When the new year arrives, many Dutch households will have good intentions on their agenda. Eating healthier, e.g. As an artisan baker, you can make an excellent contribution to this with the healthy multigrain mixes from Puravita.

It’s one of the most common New Year’s resolutions: live a healthier life. This means moving more, eating better and losing some weight if possible. “Our Taste Tomorrow consumer trend survey, where we survey 19,000 consumers from 44 countries every three years about their expectations and behavior in relation to food, shows that consumers see grains, seeds, whole grains and fibers as real power ingredients that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle .”, says Vincent van Dijk, marketing manager at Puratos. “The research mainly focuses on bakery products, and it turns out, for example, that 88% of the Dutch respondents know that fiber has a healthy effect on bread. The vast majority of our respondents also state that fiber is good for digestion and that a healthy gut system is good for immunity. Still a pretty important theme after two years of COVID.”

Food must be fed

Consumers looking to focus on a healthier lifestyle in January generally know they can easily turn to the artisan baker for their eating and dietary needs. “People expect more and more from their food,” says Van Dijk. “Interest in a healthy intestinal flora is increasing and food must not only nourish, but also actively contribute to health.
We used to eat to fill the tank, today we delve much deeper into what is on our plate. Where does it come from, who made it and how did it come about?
We like to eat something that contributes to our physical and, if possible, mental health. Food should nourish you in every way. But it also has to taste good, because we keep looking for experiences and moments to enjoy.”
Puravita’s multi-grain bread is a perfect match for such consumer wishes.

Perfect balance between taste and health
Puratos has the following Puravita variants in its range:

• Puravita Vitaal – for protein-rich bread with a low carbohydrate content.
• Puravita Authentic – with grains from the past, such as buckwheat and rye.
• Puravita Multigrain – with sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
• Puravita Extra Dark – for fibre-rich bread filled with vitamins.
• Puravita Oatmeal Plus – with a high proportion of oatmeal.
• Puravita sprouted grains – with fermented, sprouted grains.
• Puravita Kernebrood Rye and Spelled – for solid Danish bread.

Additional health properties

The tasty multi-grain breads in this Puratos series contain at least as much fiber as whole-grain bread, are lactose-free and also have extra health properties per serving. “Puravita Vitaal, for example, fits very well in a diet with lower carbohydrates, such as
Keto diet,” says Van Dijk. “Puravita Oatmeal is a multigrain bread with a high proportion of oatmeal, which is still very airy. Not an easy task, but Puratos succeeded in this. And it is a type of bread that, in terms of taste and ingredients, is perfect for a healthy start to a new year. Puravita Kernebrood Rye and Spelled are solid, Danish breads that are packed with fiber and vitamins. These also fit well on the shopping list of customers with good intentions and an interest in improving gut flora. You only need a few slices to feel satisfied, and because of the distinct flavors, you don’t need a lot of toppings to enjoy a good meal.”
Bakers working with Puravita can give the bread mixes their own twist. For example, by adding a little sourdough or extra kernels.

Distinctive feature

“On our website there are all kinds of recipes,” says Van Dijk. “In addition, we have professional technical advisers who can help the baker with product development. We ensure, based on insights we gather from our Taste Tomorrow research, that our innovations perfectly match the wants and expectations of today’s consumers. It is then up to the baker to tell the story of the health aspects and added value of these multigrain breads. With Puravita, you bake a unique range that is slightly different from your other types of bread. Thanks to its healthy image and rustic appearance, you can also safely ask for a slightly higher price.”

Puratos is convinced that the artisan baker will appeal to a growing group of consumers with the distinctive bread types in their Puravita range. “Wholegrain bread has become one of the most popular types of bread, partly because of its fibre,” says Van Dijk. “The Puravita breads contain at least as much fiber as whole wheat, but they all also have something extra. This makes it much easier to stick to the good intentions. And tastier too!”

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