Strategic and change management consultant

Strategic and change management consultant

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA)

Job description

The Dutch Food and Consumer Safety Authority (NVWA) updates its inspection methods and adapts them to the development of social risks for people, animals and nature. The organization of the work is strengthened for this purpose step by step and structurally. We have chosen a transition with a focus on content and organization, where lessons are learned from the past. We have a transformation agenda that consists of manageable steps and not a comprehensive overall plan. An agenda that addresses the fundamental issues and makes NVWA future-proof. We learn and develop together, and recognition for and by the employees is a guiding principle. The interaction and cooperation with business, NGOs and society is part of our Vision about our supervision. To achieve concrete social results. It is not only about compliance and enforcement, but above all about achieving the underlying social goals. Such as safe food, safe products, careful treatment of animals and protection of nature. It requires an outside view, intensive stakeholder management, collaboration, innovation to solve contemporary issues, administrative space and, where necessary, courage. We call that public entrepreneurship at NVWA.

Description of the roles

The management group at NVWA is therefore looking for an inspiring Strategic and change advisor who supports the management team and the group council (in which, in addition to the management team, the division and several department heads participate) in realizing the organizational change. and NVWA’s strategic improvement ambitions. We are looking for a business administration and strategic professional, a hands-on and results-oriented initiator who rolls up his sleeves and helps colleagues from the various units realize the NVWA ambitions.

This consultant’s task includes the following three roles:

Strategic and change advisor:

Your primary role is as a strategic advisor and change advisor. You understand the dynamics of government renewal and your own contribution to it. You have a keen eye for opportunities and risks and are able to see ‘beyond the horizon’ and anticipate the next phase of change. You understand the function of the organization and the organizational culture. Based on that knowledge and experience, you advise the management of NVWA invited and uninvited on strategic and change management topics.

You are aware of administrative relationships and have extensive experience with organizations where several core processes meet. Your advice to the management team and group council is aimed at realizing NVWA’s strategic ambitions and supporting this management in achieving these goals. You have an overview of the various programmes, projects and initiatives and you support the management in following up on whether their extent contributes to the ambitions. In your role as advisor, you monitor the hard and soft aspects of the transition and you inform the board and management about this. So that the board and management are supported to lead and adjust the change. Based on your knowledge and experience of change management, you come up with recommendations for adjustments, prerequisites, cohesion, planning, scoping and capacity. In your role, you contribute to administrative accountability, to concrete collaborative initiatives between boards and departments, such as round tables in the public interest, management conferences, large events and other interventions.

Change architect:

NVWA uses a development approach to improving and renewing the organization, not a design (blueprint) approach. This does not change the fact that it is important that the entire development processes are managed under an overall ambition and approach. NVWA’s line management is at the forefront of this. So: how should we improve and innovate as an organization? This ambition and approach is brought together in the restructuring agenda, which also includes development principles and working methods to realize these ambitions.

In the role of change architect – under the direction of the management – you take the transition from the transition agenda and you help the management to develop and monitor the overall ambition and approach. You work across the group and where necessary on specific collaborative initiatives. You support the management in ensuring a recognizable and effective approach to change.

In this role, you support the management team in collaboration with the communications manager in securing the central change story. From this role you support the management as inspiration and fulfill a role as leader of management conferences, webinars, podcasts, inspiration sessions etc. You support them in communicating with the organization and help shape the external environment in relation to the organizational transition. You develop ‘tools’ that support management in this. You support management in monitoring the way the change history is reflected in the onboarding and training of new colleagues.

You stimulate the ongoing development of the transition agenda and thus the coherence in the preparation of the Vision on supervision in plans and communication. You organize an annual process through which the transition agenda is evaluated and through which the transition agenda for the following year takes shape.

Initiator and liaison for concrete improvement and innovation:

The line management in NVWA is jointly responsible for realizing improvements and innovation together with the employees. You don’t take that responsibility off the line. However, you have a stimulating and results-oriented conviction and inspiration. In this way, you inspire others in their role, support them and keep them sharp.

You stimulate concrete improvement initiatives and can sometimes take the initiative yourself temporarily. For example, by connecting promising ideas that arise in different places and devoting inspiration and energy to them. You can get things rolling and positively challenge others to participate. Always in contact with line management. Because you are inspiring and creative and have natural leadership and organizational skills, you know how to connect people to initiatives. You thus generate energy among colleagues and organize urgency, development capacity and prerequisites so that initiatives in the line get a sustainable follow-up.

Job requirements

You have a business economics, change management or public administration background and you have extensive experience with large-scale change processes, preferably within (state) administration. In particular with regard to ‘soft’ organizational aspects such as culture, leadership and creativity and experience with the effects of the harder aspects such as structure, design, ICT, processes and governance.

You have the social ability to connect and inspire people. Because you are a storyteller, creative and humorous. But mainly because you are genuinely interested in others and give space to their story.

You do not provide formal leadership, but you have a natural leadership, with which you inspire and motivate people and help give direction to processes based on content. And you are a good listener and adaptable and have coaching skills.

Your moral compass is calibrated to society and the social outcomes that NVWA wants to achieve. You monitor the patterns by which the national government develops and you have a vision for this.


  • Manage sensitivity
  • Independence
  • Environmental awareness
  • Network
  • Creativity

Terms of employment
Salary level: scale 15
Monthly pay: Mine. €5,810 – Max. €8,163 (gross)
Employment: Employment contract for an indefinite period
Minimum number of hours per week:
Maximum number of hours per week: 36

Other employment conditions

Where do you come to work?

NVWA is a committed, social employer that is active in a large and social playing field. Our work as a supervisor is central. The media, politicians, business and the Dutch public follow our work critically. At NVWA you work with social significance, your work has an impact on the safety of food, products, the health of plants and animals and animal welfare in the Netherlands.

What do we offer you?

  • An introductory program that suits your position with guidance from experienced colleagues.
  • Extensive training and/or coaching opportunities for your further professional development.
  • Where the function allows, we offer you space to work independently of time and place.
  • There is a pleasant working atmosphere at the various locations, and the head office is within walking distance of Utrecht Central Station.
  • Regular fun activities with your colleagues, such as the (now legendary) pub quiz!
  • In addition to the salary, you get an Individual Selection Budget (IKB). IKB consists of money (16.37% of your gross annual salary) and time. With the IKB, you make the choices that suit you, and you can put together some of your terms of employment yourself. You can, for example, choose to have part of your monthly income paid out when you want it. You can also convert this budget into leave and vice versa or spend it on tax-friendly goals. The national government attaches great importance to personal growth and career development and offers numerous opportunities for this. Perks include various study facilities, company fitness, full reimbursement of your public transport costs, commuting and partially paid parental leave.

Special circumstances

  • The applications will be processed in accordance with applicable agreements, including CAO Rijk and NVP application code.
  • A Statement of Conduct (VOG) is required to work at NVWA.
  • If it is an open-ended employment contract and you do not (yet) have a permanent employment contract as a civil servant, you (in principle) start with an open-ended employment contract with a view to open-ended employment. to assess your suitability.
  • Clearly state in your curriculum vitae that you meet the required educational requirements.
  • The selection committee can obtain references, but will always coordinate this with you in advance.
  • An online screening, for example via search engines or social media, can be part of the selection process.
  • A skills test and/or an assessment may be part of the selection procedure.
  • A General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) comprehensive A or B screening may be a requirement for a number of positions at NVWA (including IOD).

After the expiry date, the job description and information about the vacancy will no longer be visible online. To avoid having to request it, please download and save the job posting.

Purchases in response to this vacancy are not appreciated.


The Dutch Food and Consumer Safety Authority (NVWA) invites you to apply on their website. Via the button below you leave this page and go directly to it application form.
The government values ​​a diverse and inclusive organisation. Working in different teams makes us more efficient, more innovative and the work more fun. Everyone is therefore encouraged to apply.

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