“Our greenhouses are higher up, which helps enormously with sunlight and nighttime temperatures”

Some may think that a farmer’s job is only to grow food. Yet the impact that such commercial enterprises can have goes beyond the financial side. They are often part of the local community and can play a positive role in it. This has been the company’s goal since Magic Sun Farms was founded in Mexico.

“We are very conscious of our social responsibility and are fully committed to it,” said Alejandro Santander, co-founder and VP of Sales and Operations of Magic Sun Farms. “For example, we have set up a university and offer scholarships to the children of our employees so that they can obtain technical and horticultural educations. What I am most proud of is that we are not only training the next generation of growers, but most of all that many of these children are the first in their families to go to university.”

Grow tall
Magic sun Farms has seven different farms, spread across central Mexico, the Pacific region and the northern state of Chihuahua, where they grow several varieties of tomatoes and peppers. “Our greenhouses are located in areas with a slightly different climate,” points out Alejandro. “At the same time, they are all at a height which helps enormously with both the sunlight and the night temperatures, so we only get the highest quality tomatoes and peppers.”

In fact, the weather conditions were one of the main reasons why Alejandro and Magic Sun Farms chose these locations for their greenhouses. “If you want the tastiest tomatoes, you need lots of sunlight and cool nights. It’s not an easy combination to find.” While their locations meet all these requirements, winters can be quite harsh. “That’s why we work according to the Dutch way of growing on substrate. Our glass greenhouses also come from Holland. We also use the Priva system to arrange everything for those installations.”

All this contributes to the ultimate goal: quality. “To achieve that, you need three important things,” says Alejandro. “Good genetics, quality water and optimal weather conditions. For example, we have water reservoirs and deep wells from which we constantly test the water.” Obviously, quality cannot be guaranteed without full control over all these aspects. “All greenhouses have screens and windows so that we can not only regulate the air flow better with our Priva computers, but also keep diseases and pests out. To keep our crop completely germ-free, there are also double entrances to all greenhouses. Every employee or visitor, that enters therefore undergoes a disinfection procedure.”

Alejandro goes on to point out that another critical aspect of Magic Sun Farms is its commitment to sustainability. “It is also very nice to see such a sustainability incentive not only coming from the management, but also from the employees. They are very concerned about the impact on the environment, but also about the effects on society. At our university, we are actually engaged in several projects that address these issues.”

Same challenges for everyone
Although Alejandro and Magic Sun Farms focus on growing the best products at an affordable retail price, they are not immune to the current global situation. “Costs have increased enormously for all items. Greenhouse materials, inputs, even cardboard for the packaging. The increase in costs for each individual part is not that great, but when everything starts to pile up, you have a big challenge.”

And then there is the recession in the United States, the most important market for Magic Sun Farms. “This has been going on for more than three months. The recession has caused consumers to change their buying habits. The high retail prices affect every grower in Mexico, the United States and Canada. Orders from major retailers have decreased while demand is increasing. Unfortunately, we see , that it is not really reflected in total product sales.”

Despite the difficulties, Magic Sun Farms has not passed the increased costs on to consumers and continues to serve the US and Canadian markets as it always has. “The continuous commitment to get the tastiest tomatoes and the appreciation of our consumers is essential for us. With our locations, the right varieties and a wealth of knowledge, we strive only for the best result.”

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