Private jet owner furious over damage to aircraft after Schiphol-East climate actions

The owner of a private plane that climate activists chained themselves to on Saturday is furious about damage to one of his planes. According to director Bernhard Fragner of the Austrian GlobeAir, the activists have destroyed a static discharger of a Cessna Citation because of their blockade. For Greenpeace, it is not yet certain whether there were any injuries when the activists arrived on the plane.

Damage to a GlobeAir Cessna 510 Citation at Schiphol-East – GlobeAir

According to Fragner, the part had not broken before the act. “After each flight, the crew carries out an inspection round where the unloaders are also checked,” Fragner tells NH Nieuws. “The pilots left the aircraft in a fully airworthy condition after the final flight when they left the apron.”

Fragner was informed of the damage by Greenpeace itself. In the email, the environmental organization claims that there was already ‘possible’ damage to an ‘antenna’ on the wing and that the activists had already observed this before their blockade of the Cessna. The email was sent to GlobeAir a day after the action. Out of anger, director Fragner posted the email on Instagram. The entire email can be read below this article.

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‘Millionaires can wet their breasts’

Faiza Oulahsen, head of climate and energy at Greenpeace, informs NH Nieuws that it has been agreed in advance with activists not to damage aircraft and has not received signals that this has happened against the agreement.

Full Greenpeace statement

“Activists saw on Saturday that an antenna on a wing appeared to be broken. We do not know what caused this. In the interest of safety and security, we have proactively reported this to GlobeAir. All activists have agreed not to cause damage to private aircraft We have not received any signals that this has happened anyway.

Activists were chained to each other, but not to the plane. We saw that the plane flew back to Geneva on Sunday, so GlobeAir continued their polluting flights. As long as this remains the case, we will continue to take peaceful action against air pollution. So these millionaires can wet their chests.”

Several planes are “deliberately” damaged

According to Oulahsen, Greenpeace is not concerned about damages or compensation claims. She hopes that private property owners will start to care about global warming. Saturday’s action specifically targeted private jet flying, which Greenpeace says is the most polluting mode of air travel.

GlobeAir CEO Fragner says at least two other jets owned by other owners have been damaged, but that has not been confirmed. According to Fragner, the destruction was deliberate. “Greenpeace has no idea about flight safety,” said the owner. Greenpeace claims to be able to make a good assessment of the safe campaign at Schiphol.

Damage costs thousands of euros

The broken exhaust of his Cessna Citation has been repaired, but the repair and the aftermath have certainly cost the company thousands of euros, according to Fragner. Not only did the part have to be replaced, the mechanic also had to be paid, flights had to be cancelled, accommodation had to be arranged for the crew and the administrative part cost money.

Fragner says he wants to recover the damage from Greenpeace. He is also angry at Schiphol, which he believes did too little to prevent the blockade. The repaired plane flew from Schiphol to Geneva yesterday and today from Geneva to Paris.

What is a static discharger?

Every aircraft has static dischargers or as they are called in English, static dischargers/wicks. The fuses hang from the wings and are intended to discharge static charge, for example from lightning.

It is certainly not an antenna, as Greenpeace calls the fuse in the email below. Antennae are mounted on the fuselage and never on the wings.

GlobeAir’s Bernhard Fragner Instagram Story – @bernhardfragner

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