The Volkskrant TV selection for Sunday 20 November

Ben Whishaw in Surge by Aneil Karia.Image x

Nice trip

NPO 3, at 10.06

(Drama, Margien Rogaar, 2011) The characters of the telefilm Nice trip are children of different ages. A multitude of perspectives, which is made even greater by the fact that the film also looks at the terminally ill grandfather and the stress his illness causes his daughter and son-in-law. Whether it is a dying grandfather, a teenage girl carefully but firmly taking her first virginity or a small child trying to understand the mysteries of life: Director Rogaar crawls into the different worlds of emotions like a chameleon.

Anneke Blok in Bon voyage by Margien Rogaar.  Image x

Anneke Blok in Bon voyage by Margien Rogaar.Image x


NPO 3, 15.33

(Comedy, Pieter van Rijn, 2016) In 2016, 10-year-old Tim (Stijn van der Plas) accidentally thaws a spy (Beau Schneider) frozen in 1973 in this witty introduction to old-school Bond-like spy gadgets aimed at young viewers . MasterSpy takes place in a fairytale reality and is a rather innocent preparation for the adult spy films – the villain is finally defeated with, among other things, a box of feathers. The colorful decoration is a party, the acting fresh and the music completes the fine nod to undercover films.

Beau Schneider in Master Spy by Pieter van Rijn.  Image x

Beau Schneider in Master Spy by Pieter van Rijn.Image x

Crashed at sea

NPO 2, 19.25

(Cultural program) This week Ruth Joos and Wilfried de Jong receive Tim Krabbé in the book program Brommer op zee. His new novel Inaccessibility is about a love between two people who can’t let each other go, but don’t choose each other either. A guest is also historian Sandra Langereis, winner of Libri’s History Prize for her biography of Desiderius Erasmus. Her accessible retelling of Erasmus’ magnum opus was recently published Praise of folly. See further Crashed at sea along with the relocation of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague.

College tour

NPO 2, 20.20

(Talk show) Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi’s muted sounds derive from modern classical music and minimalism. The light tone that Einaudi gives to this makes his work very popular, also with filmmakers looking for a soundtrack. On Spotify, the composer’s work is indispensable in playlists with meditative, calming and atmospheric music. Einaudi is a guest this week College tourwhere he talks about his love for nature and concerns about climate change in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

Dark heart

Canvas, 10:20 p.m

(Series) Tanja Thorell (Aliette Opheim) works for an organization that tracks missing persons. She goes in search of the missing Sanna Lundqvist, the daughter of a wealthy farmer. Sanna was in love with Marcus, but her father strongly opposed their relationship. The Swedish psychological thriller series Dark heart (published internationally as The Dark Heart) is based on the bestseller by the journalist Joakim Palmkvist. In this book, he investigates a true crime case from 2012 that deeply shocked a rural community in Småland, Sweden.


BBC2, at 11pm

(Drama, Aneil Karia, 2020) Airport security guard Joseph, a hypnotic, hyper-intense role by Ben Whishaw, plunges into the thunder increase at some point all self-control overboard. He does the impossible at work, busting through the streets of London and even robbing several banks. What inspires him and whether his new boundless freedom makes Joseph a hero or a psychotic, debut writer and director Aneil Karia likes to leave to the viewer. At least it works increase Disturbingly infectious on multiple levels, from the energetic camerawork to the physical rendering of Whishaw: following your impulses without holding any accountability, how wonderful must that be?


NPO 2, 23.40

(Talk show) They used to be radical, but they’ve put that period behind them. The four people Sherin Seyda interviews in the series Cross-thinkers from the broadcaster Human tells frankly where their wayward thinking came from and why they stopped it. This week she talks to former animal activist Mark. Because handing out flyers against animal cruelty didn’t help, he went underground with a friend. They campaigned illegally for seven years until they were arrested on a mink farm in Denmark and sentenced to six months in prison.

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