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There is a lot to do in the library this week and in the coming term.

This week in the Voorschoten Library

Date Start time Activity / Consultation hour
Tue 22 Nov 10.00 Digital consultation hour Voorschoten
Tue 22 Nov at 10.00 Form Brigade Voorschoten
Tuesday 22 Nov at 19. Health, wellness and well-being: Baby massage is more than just touching
Wednesday 23 November at 14.30 Reading in the Voorschoten library
Thu 24 Nov 10.00 Voorschoten language consultation hour
Fri 25 Nov 13.00 Language café in the Voorschoten library
Fri 25 Nov 13.30 Financial Information Point (FIP)

This week in Wassenaar Library
Date Start time Activity / Consultation hour

Tues 22 Nov 14.00 Digital consultation hour Wassenaar
Wed 23 Nov at 19. Health, wellness and well-being: Baby massage is more than just touching
Thu 24 Nov 10.00 Language conversation in Wassenaar Library
Fri 25 Nov 13.00 Language café in the Voorschoten library
Fri 25 Nov 14.00 Game afternoon ‘Palaver’ for the elderly in Wassenaar Library
Sat 26 Nov 10.30 Reading in Wassenaar Library
Sat 26 Nov 10.00 Antikvar Bougainville / HIP Office hours

Children’s yoga

Also so busy during this period? Take a rest! In the festive month of December, when children are often extra busy and there are many impressions to process, we try to create a time of rest. An hour where children can be themselves and be made aware of their bodies and thoughts. Smiling Spirit Yoga from Wassenaar gives a lesson in children’s yoga at the library.

Library Voorschoten Wednesday 7 December
14:00 | Age 5-7 years & 15.00 | Age 8-10 years
Library Wassenaar on Saturday 10 December
10.30 | Age 5-7 years & 11.30 | Age 8-10 years
Participation € 6.50, Tickets via obvw.nl/jeugd

BFF Night Misfit The Switch
Come during the Christmas holidays with your girlfriends for the BFF Night of Filmhuis Wassenaar!
We play the movie Misfit the Switch and before the movie and during the break you can take a picture with your bestie(s), make a delicious TikTok, dance together at the Silent Disco, make friendship bracelets and much more.

Tuesday 27 December at 18.30 at Filmhuis Wassenaar
Age 10-14 years, €13.50 pp including drink and something sweet.

Workshop making cartoons
‘Telling aunt’ Esther Holtkamp has been editor of Anders And Ugeblad for many years. In December, she gives the workshop Comic Strips Making for children between 7 and 12 years old. She explains how to make a cartoon in Donald Duck, and then the children start making their own cartoon.

Tuesday, December 6 | 16:00 | Library Wassenaar | Age 7 – 12 years | €7.50 pp
Tuesday 20 December | 16:00 | Library Voorschoten | Age 7 – 12 years | €7.50 pp
Tickets via obvw.nl/jeugd

Workshop: Making Christmas cards with your tablet or smartphone
Do you send everyone a card for the holidays? With your smartphone, iPhone or tablet you can easily create your personal cards, learn how at the library! In the workshop you will learn to use your own photos, images and texts to make cards.
You can of course send this by e-mail, but also printed by post!

Tuesday 6 December at 2 pm in Voorschoten Library
Members € 6.00, non-members € 8.00 including coffee/tea. Tickets via obvw.nl/learning.

Miriam Lucia: From writing competition to publication

Colleague and author Miriam Lucia explains what participation in writing competitions can lead to. Several short stories have been published in short story collections. At the end of October 2020, her winning thriller novel ‘David and Sara’ appeared in the 4-in-1 book ‘Black Snow’ at Godijn Publishing. In March 2022, she strengthened her name with ‘The Necklace’, from the writing competition themed ‘Fatal Encounter’. Later this year, she was allowed to sign another writing contract. Last September was followed by the launch of ‘The Body in the Library’. This feel-good detective is the first part of a series starring librarian Ilona Wachters.
Where and how does she prefer to write, and where does Miriam find her inspiration? Come and talk to her about her writing adventure. Maybe you want a (fictional) role in a next part?

Sat 10 December 2.30 pm in Wassenaar Library
Sun 18 December 1.30 pm in Voorschoten Library
Register for free at obvw.nl/activities

Filmhuset Wassenaar
Tickets at the counter or via obvw.nl/filmhuis

The Sinterklaas club and the race against the clock

Sint and his Pieten end up in a real race against time when Pietje Fernando breaks Sinterklaas’ clock, causing all Sinterklaas magic to disappear. Meanwhile, Sinterklaas’ horse behaves strangely after an inspection at Britt Dekker’s riding school, and Zoë and Finn, the watchmaker’s grandchildren, suddenly appear to have superpowers. What’s going on anyway? Will the package evening be able to continue this year?

Date Start Time Movie
Sun 20 Nov 12.30 Sinterklaas club and the race against the clock
Sun 20 Nov 15.00 Mrs. Harris goes to Paris
Mon 21 Nov 20.00 Sea of ​​Time
Tues 22 Nov 14.00 Mrs. Harris goes to Paris
Wednesday 23 November at 14. De Club van Sinterklaas and the race against the clock
Wed 23 Nov 20:00 Mrs. Harris goes to Paris
Thu 24 Nov 13.30 Film club
Thu 23 Nov at 20.00 Ticket to Paradise
Fri 25 Nov at 20 Ticket to Paradise

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