‘I find his life story very impressive’

Kunstroute Hoogeveen sets course for Vincent. Next year is all about Van Gogh, and the artists’ organization will not miss it. On the way to Vincent is therefore the theme of the Art Route this year. The artists have been asked to be inspired by this Dutch artist, just as the organization will also challenge the Hoogevens later in the coming art season. This week, Femke tells it to Anne Kaldenberg from Pesse.

Do you have a thing for Van Gogh?

Yes, although I have to admit that not all of his works appeal to me. I think the landscapes and the familiar almond blossom are very beautiful. The colors, the light, beautiful! And yes, of course, if you go into the Van Gogh museum and follow his life story, it’s very impressive. Nice theme for the upcoming Kunstroute!

Have you already started looking for how Vincent could inspire you?

Most of my inspiration for painting comes from my own family. As a child, I was allowed to help mix pigments (oil paint) in my grandfather’s studio. And with my grandmother, who painted birds on cheesecloth, I went out into the garden to see what a robin or tall tit really looks like. I had to remember the colors, no photo! Once inside, we painted the birds together as faithfully as possible. At our home too, every day was devoted to art and music. My father was a concert pianist, composer and carillon player. When we got out of bed he was already behind the wing. It is therefore not surprising that I am active in music just like him. I am a conductor, sing in an ensemble and play the flute. My father was also a wonderful painter. He often went to France, where he painted the farm where he lived in exchange for an overnight stay. My mother owned a publishing house of miniature books with my stepfather, she painted these books with great patience, page by page.

What inspires you in Vincent’s works?

The color choice, the atmosphere and the light. I always look for that. Apparently it has been noticed, because a few years ago I received a call from the organization of a Van Gogh exhibition in Amsterdam. They had seen my work and wanted to come and see my studio and look for colorful work for the exhibition. Then they selected a very large painting of mine. The Van Gogh exhibition was held at the Museumplein in Amsterdam. They had made a path of 2000 sunflowers leading to and from the Van Gogh Museum. The visitors went back and forth, very special! My painting was already bought by a Brazilian lawyer during the opening, so I got a lot of publicity. Not long after, I was invited to exhibit in Paris, where I sold all the works I brought with me. This reputation means that I can make a living from my art, have a wide network and belong to the European contemporary artists.

How far do you go in your artistic expressions?

Because I primarily make abstract work, I am always busy mixing colors, combining, looking for mood and harmony. I try to make my paintings fit exactly into the environment, I discuss the size and colors with the customer in advance. I work from images that I receive or take. When the painting is ready, I will first send a photo so people can look at it in peace. If I like it, I’ll bring it and hang it up. There is no obligation to buy!

Do you think Van Gogh’s work will trigger something in you too?

I work every day to improve myself. In a month it will be exactly 10 years since I opened my own Gallery Atelier in Ruinen. I hold workshops almost every day and enjoy seeing how others will experience my way of working for themselves. In autumn 2023, it will be 140 years since van Gogh stayed in Drenthe, and the Van Gogh Museum will also exist for 50 years. A wonderful opportunity to choose Van Gogh as the theme of the art route. I look forward to it and wish all participants in Hoogeveen lots of fun and success!

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