Music and solidarity in Ruurlose Willibrordus Church


Afternoon with Sophia’s Lust, three choirs, Food Bank and Kenya Fund

RUURLO – Towards Christmas, the need to provide a musical connection grows. It takes place on Sunday afternoon, December 18, in the Ruurlose Willibrorduskerk with the manifestation ‘War, Peace and Solidarity’. Visitors can enjoy three choirs, an ensemble of Sophia’s Lust and special texts on these themes. The Kenya Foundation and the Food Bank explain their activities, and other villagers from insecure areas also speak. Afterwards there is something hot (tea, wine or chocolate milk) to drink outside and the opportunity to talk.

The choirs that make a musical contribution are Markant, @Seven and Sing a Song. Markant was founded in 1977 as a youth choir. Some of them still sing with this choir. It says a lot about the endless joy of singing. Now with a new conductor, a new approach and a new repertoire, but still very recognizable. Markant usually sings in polyphony and is accompanied by the permanent combo (piano, guitar and percussion), under the inspiring leadership of conductor and vocal coach Eric van Grootel.
The second choir that performs is Sing a Song, a choir for children (from group 4 at primary schools in Ruurlo and the surrounding area) who love to sing. They regularly have performances to let everyone enjoy what they have practiced. Karin Hukker is their conductor and they are often accompanied by a combo. They recently gave an anniversary concert on the occasion of their 35th anniversary: ​​’On a journey with sing a song’.
@Seven, the third choir, is a vocal group (sixteen musical women aged 18 and over) that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Under the musical direction of Alex Leenders and Leonie de Wit, they took their audience on a journey ‘Around the world from a bird’s eye view’, accompanied by beautiful voices and music.
There is also a musical contribution from an ensemble of Sophia’s Lust. The Music Society has been a beacon in the Ruurlo community since November 11, 1861. They are present at all special events. The music association consists of 65 members.

Kenya Foundation
In Kenya, girls and young women (often only 11 to 18 years old) unfortunately still get pregnant unintentionally. Their future looks so very bleak. Since 1972, when the sisters from the Congregation ‘Our Lady of Charity Kenya’ started their mission, more than 4,000 girls have been cared for during pregnancy and childbirth in the capital, Nairobi. But it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the Kenya Foundation, which has been in existence for 26 years, they are also further supported. They finish school and get the training that suits them (hairdresser, seamstress, bookkeeper, teacher, secretary). They can then provide for their livelihood and that of their children. The first babies are now “adults” with good lives thanks to the support their mothers (already more than six hundred girls) received at the time.

Food bank Ruurlo
The food bank is also active in the Willibrordu church. The organization provides food packages for people who need it. Each week, the families in question receive a package of non-perishable items specially put together for them. Concrete help for this is always very welcome and it is also possible on Sunday 18 December. Employees of the Food Bank are present at the back of the church to receive perishable food. So no kale from the kitchen garden, but a nice can of beans that can also come in handy next year. The Achterhoek Food Bank’s website contains a list of items that are particularly welcome. The same applies to a financial donation.

‘War, Peace and Solidarity’ in Willibrorduskerk Ruurlo (Groenloseweg 3) starts at 1.30pm. Walk-in from 1 p.m. There is free entry, but due to the limited number of places, registration via the e-mail address is necessary.

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