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ACHTERDHOEK – In February this year, three talent brokers started in Achterhoek: Melvin Dijkema, Erik Ramaker and Jesse Klein Entink. Ramaker works from Dru in Ulft, Klein Entink and Dijkema from Boogie Woogie in Winterswijk. The goal of the talent brokers is to bring young people into contact with music and encourage them to develop their talents. Each of the talent brokers has their own expertise. For Ramaker, it’s pop. For Klein Entink, who is also known by his stage name Zowo, hip-hop Melvin Dijkema is an EDM specialist.

By Sander Damen

Dijkema is a trained youth worker. He worked for years in a similar position in Deventer. “These were projects aimed at developing talents in the cultural field, such as making music yourself,” says Dijkema. “I have experienced up close how artists like Snelle and Pjotr ​​have developed.”

Develop talent
In addition to being a youth worker, Dijkema is also an experienced producer of dance music. The fact that, with his background as a youth worker, he now focuses on recognizing and developing talents is due, among other things, to his own experiences.

“I spent a lot of time on the streets as a child,” he says. “Let me put it this way: If I had been judged on my talents earlier, I would have experienced fewer problems in my development as an adult.” Dijkema’s talent was making music, and he developed that talent himself. Now he uses it to develop other young people’s.
“We do this by visiting schools, among other things,” says Dijkema, “We have already visited Pronova, Schaersvoorde and Internationale Schakelklas. We also organize events such as The day of the Achterhoek pop music on Saturday, and we start on November 29 with a walk-in evening, the Eastwave sessions, where young people under the leadership of Jesse can learn everything about making and producing music, writing lyrics, pictures and video clips, making and the like. We also have a nice studio here where young people can make their music .”

‘Express yourself’ Gerrit Komrij College
On 25 November, students from havo4 and vwo4 from Gerrit Komrij College come to Boogie Woogie for the project ‘Express Yourself’. “This project always took place at Gerrit Komrij College, but now it is happening here at Boogie Woogie for the first time,” explains Dijkema. “More than a hundred students participate in workshops given by local and regional organizations and professionals. There are workshops rap, production, singer-songwriter acting photography, South American percussion and Penta offers a series of dance workshops. The students choose two workshops they want to participate in. We did something similar on a smaller scale on King’s Day for students in group 8. We want to see what the need is for the youth programs and the senior leadership program at GKC. The fact that Express Yourself will not take place at Gerrtit Komrij College for the first time is because we at Boogie Woogie have all the space and resources to give these workshops. We also think that it is good for creativity if the students are ‘out’ for a while. We also hope that it will be easier for the young people to come back once they have been inside.”

Side effect
When young people have a taste for making music, Dijkema can also help them develop their talents. “An important organization in this context is Poppunt Gelderland,” explains Dijkema. “They have a number of dance music programs there that young people can participate in. They are then supervised by professionals.”

The talent brokers’ main goal is to bring young people into contact with music and help them develop their talent. “A side effect may be that the young people find good leisure activities that keep them out of trouble,” says Dijkema. “To be honest, when I visited the schools, I was disappointed by how many young people are involved in music. I think it’s a shame because there are so many positives to making music. You can put your feelings into it, you learn to write and read better, you make social contacts and this is good for your development.”

In practice, De Achterhoek turns out to be a large work area for three brokers, notes Dijkema: “Now that we are more public, we feel that there is a pull effect. We receive inquiries from all over the Achterhoek. Even professional football organization De Graafschap is interested. We want to realize in the entire Achterhoek what we are building here in Winterswijk. We will therefore develop programs and projects that can be carried out by others.”

Those who want to attend the Eastwave sessions or want to get in touch with the talent brokers can register via www.instagram.com/talent_farm/.

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