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A little shopping: many people put it off until after the summer, knowing that Black Friday was coming. This ‘party’ is no longer a day. In some stores, such as Dille & Kamille with their store closing campaign, but in most stores it is a weekend, a week, several weeks or even a month. This week, however, all offers are anyway, because Friday is already that time. Here’s what you can score during Black Friday.

Green Friday

Black Friday 2022 looks to be significantly greener, which is why some are already calling it Green Friday. In itself, all retail therapy is not exactly green, but Green Friday is the call not to participate in that consumption and to reduce consumption for a while. Do you really need what you want to buy? Motivaction conducted research among 1,027 Dutch people and found that consumer confidence is extremely low and that people usually overestimate their own purchasing behavior. One in five Dutch people go bargain hunting, says the assessment based on the survey, and no more. The people who go shopping turn out to mainly buy clothes and fragrances. Do you prefer something else? We have tips for you. Unless you want to do Green Friday of course, which isn’t a bad idea at all.

Circuit Zandvoort on a list

The Blockzone has very cool sets of plastic blocks as we know them from Denmark and this webshop also participates in a Black Friday sale. One of our new favorites is the Zandvoort circuit, which has become an even more popular destination now that Formula 1 is running again. Now at 49.95 euros instead of 59.95 euros. Please note: you still need to purchase the instruction booklet separately.

An air fryer at Amazon

Amazon has discounted more than 10,000 products for Black Friday, so maybe Santa’s helpers can still find toys there too. Consumers can at least buy a delicious air fryer there, so that you no longer have that frying smell at home and, moreover, eat a bit healthier than when you throw the food in the deep fat. This 4.5 liter airfyer from Princess now costs 47 percent less than usual: It is sold for 71.99 euros instead of 135.99 euros.

Princess Airfyer

Titanic at LEGO

LEGO is still a bit secretive about their Black Friday deals, but we’re hoping the six-foot LEGO Titanic will go on sale. The colossus – literally and figuratively – is a large building and perfect for keeping us entertained during the Christmas holidays. This icon normally costs 679.99 euros, and we hope that it will drop a bit in price during Black Friday. A little less Rose, a little more Jack, so to speak.

Titanic Lego

A Cowboy 3 from Cowboy

Cowboy makes very nice e-bikes and has a much talked about offer like the Black Friday Deal. The device now costs 1,100 euros less than it used to cost. The new price is 2290 euros. Hoping to get more people excited about its bikes, Cowboy is offering them at a 48 percent discount. You’ll have to wait a bit: The very best discount (which is detailed here) is for people who get it delivered in April.

Cowboys 3

The ÅBÄCKEN spray head from IKEA

IKEA doesn’t have Black Friday offers, but it comes with something else fun: it tells you which products cost less than 7 euros and will save you a lot. The best example is probably the ÅBÄCKEN spray head, which does not have a high price of 4.99 euros at all. You can save up to 95 percent of water in the fog mode. Thank you, also on behalf of the planet.


A Sonos One speaker at

You can listen to music with a good speaker and Sonos has been known for that for a long time. If you don’t need the big one, there is also the smaller Sonos One, which is one of the many Black Friday offers at The digital department store in the Netherlands has brought Black Friday to our country almost single-handedly and has been reaping the benefits for years. Customers can too, because Sonos One does not cost 148 euros during Black Friday, but 134 euros.


A new straightener from Dyson

Dyson makes good straighteners, but you have to dig deep into the bag for them. Still, it could be worth it, as Dyson promises 50 percent less hair damage and the ability to style wirelessly. Even the new Vynca blue variant is on sale this Black Friday. The Dyson Corrale (that’s the name of the vacuum cleaner brand’s straightener) now costs 479 euros including 3 accessories that normally cost 109 euros.

Dyson Corral

A gaming headset from EPOS

Premium gaming brand EPOS sells a lot of its audio gear, including its gaming headsets. The H3PRO Hybrid Wireless Gaming Headset normally costs 279 euros, but due to Black Friday 199 euros. This is one of the brand’s most luxurious gaming headsets with, among other things, noise reduction and a good sound experience.


Be careful entering

Maybe this Black Friday you want to shop in stores that do not operate in the Netherlands, but you want to import something from abroad. The Ministry of Finance has even devoted a warning to it: for example, one must not import animal products such as cheese, a counterfeit Gucci or Louis Vuitton bag and a box of luxury strawberries. Also, pay close attention to whether you have to pay import duties on things that you are allowed to import, such as refill packs for your e-cigarette and Nike shoes. Buy them or not of course.

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