ARP chooses to focus on culture and growth

A people-oriented culture. This is the most important thing, according to Jan Prinsen, managing director at ARP Holland. “Core values ​​such as attachment, experience and entrepreneurship are leading. They form the basis of our organization”.

This has great significance for the behavior of our colleagues, he explains. “We see integrity, intelligence, initiative and energy every day in our ARP employees. We therefore attach great importance to safeguarding a people-oriented culture in this growing organisation.

Select Growth; personal and business

ARP advises, implements and manages fully delivered IT environments; from workplaces to data centers. ARP has a warehouse, its own service department and solution specialists. Since 2006, the company has been part of the international Bechtle AG (6 billion turnover / 13,000 employees). “Since the acquisition, we have grown significantly. In 2006 we were still working with thirty people; now we are at two hundred.” That growth is clearly visible. Also with our customers, business partners and suppliers. Together we choose growth, both personally and professionally. That’s why our promise is Choose growth.

Growth through transformation

The range of services is broad, and the advice is tailored to the individual customer. After all, no two organizations work in the same way. ARP changed its strategy a few years ago and is still in the middle of this transformation.” It means a lot to our colleagues. We used to be a transaction volume dealer. Now we offer complete IT solutions from A to Z that always add value for the customer. As an IT partner, we take into account our customers’ work processes and business goals, and together we look for the most suitable solution.”

“Both companies that work on-premises, as well as organizations that work hybridly or exclusively via the cloud, are supported. We have everything it takes to deliver great solutions, including helping customers transitioning to a subscription model (‘as-a-service’). It provides a different dynamic when you as an organization switch from a transaction purchasing model (CAPEX) to a model based on operating costs (OPEX). Honest and transparent guidance is paramount throughout the customer journey. And it doesn’t stop with the purchase. Loyalty and services are very important to us at ARP. “

Sustainable growth

Sustainability is paramount at ARP and is therefore a condition of this transformation. “I dare say that with our logistics service hub we are ahead in a number of areas within the IT landscape when it comes to corporate social responsibility.” Various initiatives are part of business operations, and colleagues are encouraged to come up with their own innovative ideas, which are developed and tested. “For example, we have designed our own knives, which are used in the cardboard factory, so that boxes are designed smarter and we prevent waste. We have also switched from wooden to cardboard pallets. They are lighter, so your CO2emissions saved during transport. And we not only deliver electricity, but also with a little packaging. All excess raw materials such as cardboard, Styrofoam and plastic are crushed, compressed and processed into a recyclable raw material. All for a more sustainable future.”

Focus on being a good employer

Sustainable growth is not only about CSR. ARP also strives for sustainable growth as a good employer. The Prince therefore places great value on an open culture in the organisation. “As day-to-day manager, I am responsible for connecting and serving management. Everyone at ARP is trusted to work with colleagues for results and give substance to both business and personal ambitions. It is our focus that colleagues can develop into the best version of themselves. How wonderful it is to hear from colleagues who have recently started that they experience ARP as a warm bath, with helpful colleagues and that the culture is at least as pleasant as promised in advance.”

It is the management’s task to make strategic decisions while maintaining this culture, to lead and structure the organization and to act effectively in this regard. Always with a positive, purposeful, persuasive, but also down-to-earth attitude.”

Grow with our customers

ARP also shows this open and trusting attitude towards its customers. “The human-oriented aspect is also evident in this. We ask questions and listen to wishes and needs. In the end, we always want the best for the customer.” Do you have good services? Then a customer stays with you and grows with you. “We therefore strive for customers who say about ARP without asking: finally a partner who understands me”.

Our branding plays a big role in this. “ We want to tell our story, to our customers and possibly new customers. About how we help companies move forward. Not about the products; they know that. But about our services that can help them achieve their business goals. With our IT solutions, we ensure that you as an organization get more time for your core business, and you can focus on the growth of your organization.”

To do this, we continue to work on our culture, IT services and growth. In this way, we put ARP even more on the map as an IT partner for many organizations in the Netherlands.

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