Lineage Logistics officially opens its fully automated Cool Port II

Tholen – Lineage Logistics has officially opened its Cool Port II in the Port of Rotterdam on Wednesday 23 November. Under the watchful eye of staff and relations, the fully automated deep freezer high storage warehouse was opened by Harld Peters, Mark Ketelaar (both Lineage), Rob Scholte (Lamb Weston Meijer) and Frederik Zevenbergen (Province of South Holland) with a ceremonial push of a button. Then, protected by a thick coat, people could see the new building during a guided tour.

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While the bulk of Cool Port I is mainly imported fruit, Cool Port II mainly stores fruit intended for export. The state-of-the-art building, which is 45 percent more energy efficient than a conventional cold store, is 40 meters high, contains 60,000 pallet spaces and is fully automatic. Pallets are delivered by self-unloading or conventional trucks and go via three automatic truck unloading systems from the dispatch hall via conveyor belts, turntables and locks to the freezer, where cranes automatically place the pallets in place. “The first hands are actually only involved when the products leave the cold store again,” said General Manager of Cool Port II Eric Velthuijzen earlier.

The facility has advanced automation solutions that help address the current ‘volatility’ of labor, deliver fast and efficient service to customers and reduce the site’s energy consumption, while ensuring food safety and food waste reduction by Lineage. “Cool Port II uses data-driven solutions to optimize energy use with precise cooling cycles to minimize energy leakage and a high-rise design that maximizes storage density and reduces the site’s energy footprint.”

Harld, who previously referred to Cool Port II as ‘our greatest pride’, opened the ball. “Our new facility emphasizes a best-in-class approach that makes Lineage a unique and forward-looking partner for our customers. In addition to its strategic location, Cool Port II utilizes the latest automation technology. Our goal is to be a driving force behind the greening of ​​supply chain by investing in our people and facilities to implement the very latest cold storage technology to reduce our energy footprint, while providing the solutions our customers need to deliver food safely and efficiently across Europe and beyond,” said the president Lineage Europe. , which tackles one of the company’s biggest challenges.

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“We are proud to open this state-of-the-art facility, a multi-modal facility well connected by road, rail and barge and the only cold storage facility in Rotterdam connected to Short Sea Terminals,” added Mark, Regional Vice President for Benelux at Lineage , to. “We strive to provide Lineage customers with easy access to a strong and growing network to deliver their product safely and efficiently. Cool Port II offers a full range of services and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure efficiency and secure handling of products entrusted to our care.”

Rob Scholte, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Lamb Weston, said he was honored to speak on behalf of the potato processor. The voice of the launch partner and long-time customer stated that it was not easy to take the floor after the first two speakers, but mostly to be proud of ‘the realization of this wonderful project’. “I look forward to many more great years of working together.” The closing speech in the ceremony, which was framed by Derek Jan van Rees, Regional Director of Operations Lineage, was for Frederik Zevenbergen. The provincial government of the province of South Holland concluded by inviting itself with a wink to the opening of Cool Port III.

Despite this official opening, the specialist in temperature-controlled logistics is already looking at a new project. A Cool Port III must be realized directly on Cool Port II. The construction of the new cold store will still take some time, but the plans were regularly referred to. For the time being, however, the afternoon ended with a drink and the realization of this ‘new first-class cold room’ could be enjoyed.

Click here for a photo report of the event

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