Vangrail, Fleddy Melculy, puppet show Avatara, Winter Fair in Appelscha and stories of a cattle dealer: five excursions in Friesland

Listen to stories from a cattle dealer, come and listen to Vangrail or Fleddy Melculy, travel to other worlds with the Avatara performance or visit the Winter Fair in Assen.

Guardrail pulls out all stops

The band Vangrail is not only dependent on steamy party tents and festivals; the band also comes into its own in the theater with high-profile repertoire. Among other things, Vangrail has a video wall that is fully integrated into the show. The men take you inside the things that changed their lives and what it has done to them musically.

They talk about the songs they have written, but also play well-known covers. After a year of barely playing, the men are eager to go all out. In addition to new songs, the well-known Vangrail repertoire is also included, but just a little differently.

Dokkum – Theater Sense, Fri 8.15pm, 15 euros

Meeting between cultures in puppet theatre

In the co-production Avatara by puppeteer Duda Paiva and acclaimed choreographer Shailesh Bahoran collide in different worlds. The audience is part of an immersive journey through impressive vistas of Brazilian and Indian culture, walking through mysterious landscapes between heaven and earth and meeting fellow travelers who are both human and divine.

Thus it is discovered that new encounters can lead to something more than a sum: a collision of existing elements that generates enough force to breathe life into something that did not yet exist. The dance performance from the Duda Paiva Company and the Illusionary Rockaz Company can be seen in Leeuwarden on Friday.

Leeuwarden – De Harmonie, Fri 20.30, 17.50 euros

Fleddy Melculy makes the scene uncertain

Fleddy Melculy comes to Iduna on Friday with a bucket full of metal and entertainment. This metal, thrash and hardcore band plays socially critical Dutch lyrics, meaning with a big wink. Fleddy Melculy emerged six years ago after Jeroen Camerlynck and Fleddy himself released the lyric video of T-shirt from Metallica online cast. In six months, the famous company has emerged as one of the most popular Belgian metal acts of the last decade.

From nowhere they climbed to the big stages in Belgium and the Netherlands. More cult hits to come, Fleddy Melculy is ready to throw a party in Drachten.

Drachten – Poppodium Iduna, Fri at 20, 15 euros

Stories of cattle markets from the past

Former cattle dealer Bonne Speerstra talks in the lecture Strong stories from a cattle dealer how it was grew up on a farm in the village of Eemswoude, and how by a special chance he ended up in the cattle business. The existence of cattle traders has provided enough ingredients for him to collect the pen and record the many anecdotes and stories. He has a new book about his experiences Praise and offer released.

In his book, he tells about striking experiences, humorous incidents and poignant encounters he experienced at cattle markets and stories of joys and sorrows at the kitchen table. IN Praise and offer Speerstra shapes the stories from and about the landscape with a gentle look and humor. In this way, Speerstra takes the reader and, in the case of the Sunday lecture, the listener on a journey through the history of cattle markets of the past. Museum card holders and friends of Fries Landbrugsmuseum have free access to the lecture.

Leeuwarden – Frisian Agricultural Museum, Sun at 14.8 euros

Fairy-lit winter fair

It will be very busy again in the run up to Christmas. In Appelscha, for example, you can visit the Winter Fair all this weekend. The fair settles down along the illuminated forest edge of the Drents-Friese Wold on the Boerestreek. Christmas, creative, food, winter and regional products are on offer from the many stalls and stands.

The winter event is opened by midwinter horn blowers and is further enhanced by other live music and street acts. After the Winter Fair, neighboring catering companies and Hoolten Klinte will play atmospheric music.

Appelscha – TIP Office, Sat 14.30-21.30, Sun 11.00-17.00, free

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