Food heroes from the Food100 list 2022 announced

The main heroes under 35 / Photo on: Nina Slagmolen

Announcement – The Food Heroes of 2022 was announced today at the Verspillingsfabriek in Veghel. These are 6 of the most effective food adulterants in the Netherlands. They were selected by the professional jury from the Food100 list for 2022 because of their special and great commitment to making our food system better and fairer.

This effort is badly needed: the climate crisis, the growing world population, pandemics and explosively rising energy and food prices show that our current food system must change. The 100 people on the Food100 list are working on that transition. On Friday, the people on the Food100 list gathered for the Food Inspirations Trendtable, where the latest trends were presented and various dishes made from salvaged food or food directly from the source were served.

Impact makers

Food100 offers a platform for everyone in the Netherlands who is committed to better and fairer food and drink. It is not a ranking or competition, but a selection of 100 impact makers in the agri-food world. The list gathers 50 innovators under 35 and 50 established food adulterants over 35. The names come from all sectors, such as innovative farmers, food tech startups, researchers, activists, retailers, caterers, etc. By connecting them, they can create even more impact together and inspire the entire sector. Out the complete list a professional jury has chosen the 6 most powerful food changers. These are named as the food heroes of 2022.

Jury chairman Christaan ​​Vette about the food heroes in 2022: “The fact that there are so many young people who are engaged in a fairer food system gives great hope for the future. When compiling the list and selecting food heroes, we paid particular attention to the visible effect. It is wonderful to see so many people doing good things.”

Main heroes under 35:

Bas Antonissen – Co-owner of BoerBas

Bas never had the ambition to take over his parents’ pig farm. Until he was inspired by the idea of ​​an organic pig farm. He switched with his parents. He is now a co-owner and the company is called BoerBas. BoerBas is a closed pig farm, which means that all animals are born on the farm and stay there. Bas is committed to doing honest business in an open, transparent chain where the farmer is valued financially and emotionally. And to set a good example himself, he opens his farm every Saturday to show visitors that things can be done differently.

Leonie Horne – Project coordinator ‘Good Care You Taste’ at Alliantie Voeding i de Zorg

As project coordinator for ‘Goede Zorg Proef Je’, Leonie Horne is committed to faster recovery and promoting the health of hospital patients and hospital staff. The goal? Achieve a healthy food supply in all Dutch hospitals and healthcare institutions by 2030. Leonie can lobby like no one else. Under her care, 45 hospitals have already joined and meet monthly to exchange knowledge. All this to fulfill their mission “Contribute to a healthier Netherlands with good nutrition”.

Yasmina Khababi – Founder of Freshtable

Yasmina Khababi connects migration, climate change and inequality with her company Freshtable and Fresh Academy. She does this by supporting status holders to apply their skills to the Dutch market and by providing delicious, honest halal and vegetarian meals. Because food is always connected. Freshtable now delivers sixty to a hundred meals a week to people’s homes in fourteen cities throughout the Netherlands. People x Planet x Profit in full!

Mid-heroes over 35 years of age:

Esther de Snoo – editor-in-chief of New Harvest

As editor-in-chief of Nieuwe Oogst, Esther de Snoo is very aware of her role as the agricultural news media. In a time when polarization and negativity are increasing and trust is disappearing, Esther continuously tries to share objective, factual news and knowledge. For example, she does not hide her critical opinion. Something that adorns her, but which is not always appreciated. Esther provides a trigger in her conversations and articles, thereby encouraging people to think.

Leon Meijer – Councilor for ‘Food’ in Ede Municipality

As the first councilor for ‘Food’, Leon Meijer helped put urban food policy in the Netherlands on the map. He thereby connects food regions with each other. In the past year, he has fought for more municipal powers to realize healthy food environments. The jury praises his unbridled commitment to a fairer, healthier and sustainable food system.

Maurits Tofohr – Co-founder of

Maurits Tofohr works passionately with the ‘corporate catering of the future’: a tasty, mostly plant-based offer and structurally less waste. To achieve this, his company’s Join Program allows guests to indicate via an app whether they are coming to the office, what their dietary preferences are and how they liked the previous meals. A central kitchen then produces meals for several companies at the same time. In this way, day-to-day fluctuations in demand within the companies are smoothed out and less retrenchment losses occur. A lovely combination of good food, super easy ordering and sustainability.

Food100 is made possible in part by Rabobank, Foodvalley NL and Food Impactors Summi

Source: @FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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