LAST CALL – The Next Event, don’t miss it

It’s almost time! On Tuesday 29 November, 200 customers and organizers will come to the Fokker terminal in The Hague for The Next Event. Keynotes and dozens of knowledge sessions delivered by experts from the event industry provide knowledge and inspiration. In one day, guests are informed about all trends and developments in the area.

The Next Event is an event exclusively for customers and organizers. Do you belong to this target group and haven’t registered yet? Then this is the very last chance. Order your tickets here. This is the knowledge event where you will be fully informed in one day.

Robin van Leeuwen –

“We are very happy that we can perform The Next Event live again after a long time. This is only possible with good partners, many thanks in advance for your efforts!”

The Fokker terminal

The event is organized by and in collaboration with various partners. The Fokker terminal is home to The Next Event. This multifunctional location at Binckhorst in The Hague is the starting point for large events. The monumental location impresses with its industrial character. This is where planes used to be set up for students to tinker with.


Technology can make or break an event. That is why and have been working with AVEQ for years. This reliable partner thinks along and never leaves anything to chance. In addition to event technology, AVEQ is also a partner in the studio. A brand new state-of-the-art studio was recently opened.

DCRT concepts

During The Next Event, dozens of industry experts will give knowledge sessions in so-called living room environments. Small groups meet in intimate settings to exchange knowledge. This requires appropriate furnishing and decoration. DCRT Concept is a specialist in this area. This partner has tastefully furnished and decorated the Fokker Terminal for this event.


The two hundred guests and dozens of experts are surprised by the creative snacks and drinks from Mood4Food. This business event catering specialist is always innovative and raises the bar for any event. This applies to taste and appearance, but certainly also in relation to sustainability. This catering company, based in The Hague, has also built an impressive track record in that area.


The Brabant company Cartoseat has made an international name for itself with branded furniture. Cartoseat makes cardboard furniture. Robust, practical and 100% recyclable. All furniture is produced by the company itself and guarantees flexibility. If you want special reusable event furniture with your brand or a special message, Cartoseat is the ideal partner.

Network tables

Networktables is the partner of and, connecting the customers and organizers to the knowledge sessions provided by the experts. In this digital networking environment, the experts promote their sessions and the guests make their choices. In this way, the first links are made, which often result in lasting relationships.

A streamlined registration process without unnecessary barriers is an absolute requirement for any business event. is a leader and expert in this area. It is a collaborative partner who thinks together with the organization and ensures that the registration process always runs smoothly, so that anticipation for each event is further stimulated.

Other partners

The list of parties making a valuable contribution to The Next Event is long. The organization thanks all employees, partners and everyone who contributes to a successful day on 29 November. We would like to mention these parties here: Rozet, Jordi Wallenburg photography, Kronenburg Promotion & Guidance, SHARINGBOX, Veodi Inprintmatter, Coby and Marketingheap.

Last minute tickets

It’s late, but not too late to order tickets. Are you a customer or an organizer and don’t you want to miss this inspiring knowledge event? Then you can order the very last tickets here.

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