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The Genemuider fries stand is back in Ukraine. Last week, the four volunteers started driving early in the morning. Helmich Lubberts keeps us informed of developments through his reports. Today the last contribution, because the gentlemen have arrived safely at Genemuiden.


We are home again. After spending 12 exciting days in Poland and Ukraine, it’s really over now. It has been good.

We had a mission, a mission to encourage the Ukrainian people by bringing food and something extra. Food and extras for young and old, collected through donations in the Netherlands and so badly needed there.

We could share a lot and make people happy with it the days we were there. For the local people, it seemed like a form of survival, to survive by accepting the products we distributed there.

Local volunteers from the Baptist Church led by Dean Yarmoshevich Alexandre have now taken over from us, they will continue what we started over a week ago.

We have left over 15 tonnes of food there which will last them for months to come. And if necessary, this can be supplemented later from the Netherlands. Plans have already been made for that.

Back to the Netherlands. A return trip that is different than previously planned. Due to the decision to leave the chip shop and the van, Gerard Roos and I took the bus from Poltava to Warsaw, from where we flew back to the Netherlands by plane.

The bus ride from Poltava to Warsaw was an enterprise in itself. The trip often took place on dark back roads, back roads that were full of potholes, but where the skilled bus drivers could maneuver in between or along. We crossed many places during this trip, with Warsaw as the final destination.

We also found out during our return trip that Soviet customs have not yet been completely pushed aside. Again we had to deal with a lot of delays. Without giving any reason, they left us standing at the border for many hours. Not only on the Ukrainian side, but also on the Polish side. Control after control was carried out, control which we went through with resignation. I give it to you, sitting in a bus for more than 30 hours straight, on not the best roads and then being subjected to this too, is not fun.

The journey home for Bennie and Ronald is completely on the main road, again leading through Poland and Germany. Fortunately, unlike in Ukraine, the roads here are good and we hope the journey will be smooth for them.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking quietly, and the Genemuiden is getting closer. Back to our familiar and carefree environment and family that Gerard and I were allowed to embrace in our arms last night.

Bennie and Ronald follow, but this exciting journey also ends for them today.

I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world, it certainly gave me a lot of satisfaction. I assume that also applies to Bennie, Ronald and Gerard.

Three men of different plumage, with whom I have had the pleasure of spending a beautiful and grateful time, and with whom I would take this challenge again in a heartbeat.


Let’s not forget the Ukrainian people. We have seen with our own eyes how it is, help is and will be needed in a country that, because of the war, has been thrown far back in time and hopes and prays for better times.

With this final report, my coverage of the Poltava mission ends. I have written our experiences as faithfully as possible and with great dedication to your readers. Intentionally not mentioning some things either, so as not to worry the home front.

I would like to emphasize that we were not in danger for a moment, despite the fact that the war was very close.

Genemuiden Aktuel thanks for posting our story, from what I understand it filled a need. We would like to cooperate with that.

Helmich Lubberts

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