Cam Jordan and Marshawn Latimore questionable for Saints

Week 12 of the 2022 NFL season kicked off with wins for the Bills, Cowboys and Vikings on Thursday and continues with 12 more games on Sunday, meaning the 24 teams in those games filed their final injury reports for the week on Friday. .

The Colts and Steelers play Monday, and final injury reports will be released Saturday.

Crows in jaguars

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson (hip) is off the injury report and ready to play, but LT Ronnie Stanley (ankle) is out. Cb Jalen Armor Davis (hip) also throws out wide receiver Devin DuVernay (hamstring), tight end Possibly Isaiah (ankle), running back Guus Edwards (hamstring, knee), safety Kyle Hamilton (knee) and wide receiver Demarcus Robinson ( hip) ) is listed as doubtful.

The Jaguars have not issued any injury designations this week.

Broncos at Panthers

WR Jerry Good (ankle), WR KJ Hamler (hamstrings), cb Quan Williams (wrist, elbow, knee) and DL Jonathan Harris (knee) were ruled out by the Broncos. pound Jack Martin (knee) and FB Andreas Beck (hamstring) doubtful to play.

The Panthers shut out LB Corey Littleton (ankle), S. Miles Hartsfield (ankle) and DT Ionides (almost) on Friday. TE Giovanni Ricci (neck) and QB PJ Walker Listed as questionable. WR Terras Marshall (shoulder), TE Ian Thomas (illness) and TE Stephan Sullivan (illness) are considered questionable.

Bengal in Titans

RB Joe Mixon (Concussion) You’re out for the Bengals, but WR Ja’Marr Chase (Hip) could return after being listed as questionable. pounds Joe Patchi (knee), DB Dax Hill (shoulder) and DT Jos Topo (calf) They are also in the questionable group.

Reign of the Titans DE Denik Autry (knee) Out Friday and named five other players as suspects. DL Jeffrey Simons (ankle), k Randy Bullock (quick), CB Christian Fulton (hamstrings), ca Ben Jones (concussion) and RB Hassan Haskin (hip) make up that group.

Bears in flight

Bears QB Justin Fields (left shoulder) is listed as questionable. s Jaquan Brisker (concussion), CB Kyler Gordon (concussion) and LB Sterling Weatherford (concussion) are out.

The Jets get a WR Corey Davis (knee) back after you fail to mention the injury. DT Sheldon Rankins (elbow) out, TE Kenny Yeboah (calf) questionable and T Duane Bruin (shoulder) listed as questionable.

Hawk in the leaders

pounds Arnold Ibikiti (arm), RB Kaleb Huntley (ankle), TE Felipe Franken (quick), and OL Choma Eduga (knee) questionable for Hawks. DT Galen Dalton (teenager) is listed as questionable.

THE Leaders Chase Young (knee) is listed as questionable for the first time in 2022. TE Logan Thomas (ribs) is also listed as questionable, while CB Benjamin St. Just (ankle) and WR Dax Milne (feet) they will not play.

Texan Dolphins

Texas CB Derek Stingly Junior (hamstring) will miss his second straight game.

RB Dolphins Rahim Mostert (knee) Unlikely to play After being listed as questionable. QB Teddy Bridgewater (knee) is listed as questionable.

The pirate in brown

RB Leonard Fournet (side) Questionable to be in Buccaneers lineup, but DT Vita via (feet) listed as questionable. WR Russel Gage (hamstrings) and G Luke Godecki (feet) you have. It was ruled out.

Will Brown’s CB Greg Newsom (concussion) misses another game.

Seahawks Raiders

RB Jos Jacobs (quick), lb Luke Masterson (ribs), t Colton Miller (shoulder and abdomen) and DT Kendall Vickers (Back) All questionable to play with Raiders.

WR Dee Eskridge (Hand) is the only player assigned to the Seahawks left out.

Chargers at Cardinals

WR Chargers Mike Williams (single) is He Won’t Play Sunday. s Nasser Adderly (thumb) Listed as questionable and CB Michaël Davis (knee) is the only player on the team listed as questionable.

QB Kyler Murray (hamstrings) He is ready to return to the Cardinals lineup after missing the last two games. t DJ Humphreys (back), WR Rondel Moore (thigh), CB Byron Murphy (reverse) and S. Karel Washington (Chest) will not be in the lineup. WR Greg Dorch (thumb) and QB Maxorley tracking (illness) are listed as questionable.

Saints in the 49ers

Saints DE Cam Jordan (Al Ain) missed a game for the first time in his career last week with an injury, but was listed as questionable over the weekend. Cb Marshawn Latimore (abdomen) is also listed as questionable and has not played since Week 5. s JT Gray (hamstrings), DE Payton Turner (ankle) and LB Werner at home (ankle) are all ruled out. DE Marcus Davenport (hurt), G Andros Turf (triceps) and RB Mark Ingram (knee) are listed as questionable.

WR Debo Samuel (hamstrings) Drew questionable sign for 49ers. DL Eric Armistead (foot, ankle) is listed as questionable for game.

Aries in the head

Ramez QB John Walford (Neck) is off the injury report, but it’s not clear who will start with QB Matthew Stafford (neck concussion) ruled out. c Brian Allen (thumb), lbs Travin Howard (hip) and dt Sean Robinson (knee) are also for the Rams. TE Tyler Higby (knee), tt Min Kopi (ankle), WR Allen Robinson (ankle), and c Matt Skora (knee) are listed as questionable.

Rule of Chiefs WR Tony Cadarius (hamstrings) is out, but they are ready for a WR Jojo Smith Schuster (concussion) back in the lineup. g Joe Thuney (ankle), S Juan Thornhill (hurry) and DB Chris Lamons (concussion) all questionable.

Packers at Eagles

WR Romeo Dobbs (ankle) out for Packers and LB Devon Campbell (knee) Likely to miss game after being listed as questionable. t David Bakhtiari (knee) and CB Schemar Jean Charles (ankle) are considered questionable.

The Eagles have no injured players.

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