Rosita (24) is a pilot: ‘Inherited from home’

Some people in their twenties go to pubs every weekend, others prefer to study – and then there is Rosita, nicknamed Bambi. She started gliding at the age of fifteen and has been flying motorcraft since she was eighteen. “I got it from home. My father also flies and took us everywhere,” says the pilot.

Subway spoke to her about her YouTube channel, her childhood in the airport and flying shame.

YouTube channel with millions of views

“I started YouTube when the corona virus arrived,” says Rosita on the phone about the videos she makes about her adventurous life. We speak to her from South Africa. “I was in Sint Maarten at the time and decided to record what happened then. It was my friend’s idea. He was convinced that people will find it interesting.”

Rosita was not immediately thrilled. “I thought it was fantastic awkward would be. But then I did it anyway. The first month my video had 500 views, mostly friends and family. But when I started watching again a few months later, the video suddenly had 200,000 views.”

Watch her first video here:

Pilot Rosita is trained in South Africa

Africa is her “second home” for Rosita. “I grew up there. In Tanzania until I was 12, to be exact. I’ve also been there for six years with my friend Maurits to spend the winter.” Last month, the couple did something special: they flew from the Netherlands to South Africa in a four-person plane. Her friend Maurits has also followed flight training. Rosita says: “In the meantime, we have stopped at all sorts of beautiful destinations. We also had a big advantage, that I know someone everywhere so we could keep going. That’s because I did my flight training in Africa.”

When Rosita was 4, her father started flight training. He also did that in South Africa, she says. “We often went on fun adventures as a family. Flights through Tanzania, on safari, things like that. I had a crazy childhood.” Rosita was therefore often found at the airport and was already interested in flying. “Not yet in technology at the time, it came later,” says the pilot. It was precisely the feeling of freedom that inspired her. By age 14, she knew she “really wanted to do something in aviation.” However, it was clear that her dream was not aimed at commercial aviation: “It’s a completely different world. It is completely different. I really like the opportunity to travel. And besides, you can do a lot more with small planes for organizations that make the world a little better.”

Ultimately, Rosita’s goal is not to fly for an airline like KLM. It is precisely a humanitarian organization that is close to her heart. “Think of Doctors Without Borders or the United Nations,” she clarifies. “That’s why I started the education then. Flying for a good cause has always been my dream.”

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And what about flying shame?

But then there is the shame of flying, which plays a larger role in society. Becoming a pilot for a humanitarian organization requires many flying hours. How does Rosita view the polluting side of her work? “I am aware that flying is not good for the climate,” she says. “That’s why I do my best to give something back to our world. We want to make the followers of our YouTube channel who don’t really think about it aware of the environmental impact. That’s why we also show you how you can use airplanes for good measures. For example, on this trip we collaborated with an organization in Kenya (Save The Elephants), where we did several patrol and research flights.”

“But”, she also puts it in perspective, “everyone has to do what he or she loves. And for me it is flying.” She does so in a modern plane that is “more economical” compared to other planes. It is from the brand Sling. I’ve done a lot of research on this and compared to vehicles of roughly the same size, it uses less oil and half the fuel, which is also cleaner.”

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