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Almelo young professionals of the twelve Discover High-tech Almelo companies have united in Young Professionals Almelo, YPA for short. Their goal is more than just networking. An important goal is to get to know Almelo and the other high-tech companies. But above all to have a good time together. That way, you can continue to inspire and coach each other. Henri Dijk introduces himself in this episode. He knows all the ins and outs of F-16 fighter jets, and at Aeronamic he now enjoys developing technology to make planes more “electric”.

Almelo – “My name is Henri Dijk. I am 31 years old, born in Lemelerveld, but I have lived in Hardenberg for over 20 years now. I am married to Linda and have a 3-year-old son, Bram. In my everyday life, I like to be busy at home with small jobs and various hobbies. In addition, I occasionally provide the sound technology for the band at our church. I like working with technology, from mechanical to electrical. I also love anything that can fly. So it’s not surprising that I ended up in aeronautical engineering.”

”I started my career with the Royal Netherlands Air Force as a mechanic on the F-16 fighter jet. After two years there were downsizing and Aeronamic crossed my path. That’s where I started in production. Here I learned to build, test and maintain various parts. I have been working at Aeronamic in the product development department since April this year. I support the team in making prototypes and developing technology. The product development department focuses on the future of aviation by designing new technology to make aircraft more ‘electric’. With this team, Aeronamic is able to develop strong, lightweight compressors that are controlled very precisely by electronic control units designed in-house.”

“I am most proud of my education in Embedded Systems Engineering at HAN. Aeronamic gave me the opportunity to do a part-time study quite quickly and I took advantage of this opportunity. Doing a part-time course is hard next to work and family, but the satisfaction I got out of it after completing it is amazing! In addition, it has given me a great step within Aeronamic, which I am very happy about. I can now apply what I have learned in a position that combines my experience from my previous workplace in production with learning many new things.”

What are your ambitions, what would you like to achieve?

“My position in product development offers plenty of room to learn and grow. No day is the same in this department and I want to keep it that way. I get the opportunity to develop in electrical engineering and contribute to making aviation more sustainable. I hope to be able to mean a lot to Aeronamic for a long time to come.”

“Almelo has a lot to offer when it comes to working with technology. Discover High-tech Almelo is, I think, a good example of how the biggest technical companies like to work together on image and make working with technology attractive. I wanted to continue working in aviation after my time in the Air Force. I am proud to work in one of Almelo’s high-tech companies. The high technical level makes working here a lot of fun. At the same time, I will not move west for that. An ideal combination!”

“I heard about YPA right after graduating. I immediately found that interesting. It gives the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at high-tech companies in the area and at the same time meet people who are at the same stage of their career. It’s always nice to know how someone’s career has gone so far and how others experience their work.”

“If high-tech seems interesting to you, you can take a look at Discover Hightech Almelo’s website. Here you will also find information about the various initiatives that the foundation is developing to increase awareness of high-tech and explain the breadth of the high-tech field to potential technical talents. For example at the primary schools in Almelo.” (www.ontdekhightech.nl)

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