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By the editors on 29-11-2022

GEESTEREN – This Saturday from 10.00 to 16.00 a fun day is organized in De Scholte Bloemenboerderij, where you can get lots of inspiration for Christmas. You can look at inspiring Christmas decorations, atmospheric flower arrangements and beautiful Christmas branches. In addition, there are great DIY packages to order, completely in the Christmas spirit.

All this while enjoying a delicious cup of hot chocolate or Glühwein. Are you coming too?

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Location: Horstweg 3 Geesteren

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Mega Show concert 10 December 2022 Musikforeningen Concordia Beltrum

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Jokes by Marcel Stroet

Cool day out
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Frets what a mess
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Frats upside down
NEEDE – On my bienoa daily trip from Nee noar Beltrum, I suddenly soaked up all the flags overnight. Close your ears……
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Borculo and the Geesteren in the character of traditional draft hunting

BORCULO/GEESTEREN – The Royal Dutch Hunting Association (KNJV) and Hamelandse Ruiter’s annual slide hunt in Borculo and Geesteren took place on Saturday for the 47th time. Amazone Floor van Roon has traveled with more than a hundred yachts throughout the country and, like other participants and many visitors, likes to come to the Achterhoek to get the slip yacht.

“It’s super nice to drive in this region, in this region,” says Van Roon. “People are very friendly here, and as far as I know, they also like us to be here. So it is definitely an environment we like to come to.” That participants like coming to Berkelland is evident from figures from KNJV. “If you look at the approximately fifty yachts they organize each year, we are in the top five in terms of participants. It shows that they like coming here,’ says Jan Markink from Hamelandse Ruiters. Visitors also know where to find the drag yacht: “We can always count on great interest. We always advertise it and then a lot of people come to see it.”

During the trail hunt, the forty participants do not hunt for prey, but follow an artificial fox trail through the landscape. “With a trail hunt, we draw a trail that smells of foxes, and then a pack of dogs follows the trail,” describes Van Roon. “Then there are three riders who lead the dogs, and we as riders go after them with the horses.” The riders then ride through the versatile nature of Borculo and Geesteren. “It’s about the meadows, the farmland and through the forest,” says Markink. “But also through, for example, ditches, that’s the beauty of it.”

Valuable tradition
For the Amazons, tradition is very valuable. “I especially like that you do it together with a large group of often the same people,” says rider Mathilde de Rooij, who often rides on a slip yacht with her parents. “And there’s no competitive element to it, which makes it enjoyable.” Van Roon joins a yacht twice a week: “Then you get to nice places in the Netherlands and beautiful pieces of nature where you wouldn’t get to otherwise.”

Keep the tradition alive
Markink also hopes that the tradition, which has existed in Borculo and Geesteren for almost fifty years, will continue for a long time to come. “It’s a tradition that needs to be kept alive,” says the organizer. “In the beginning you see so-called sonneurs who start the hunt and at the end of the hunt they blow it off again.”


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